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Woman Shocked To Find A Stray Kitten With Her Hind Legs Curled In An Unusual Way

Woman Shocked To Find A Stray Kitten With Her Hind Legs Curled In An Unusual Way

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True fighters in life show us that miracles do happen and this stray kitten with curled hind legs is a perfect example. She was found in a cat colony, unable to walk normally.

When they rescued her, the kitten embraced her new chance at life with both paws, defied all odds, and now, she is living her life to the fullest.

tiny kitten
Credit: Celine Crom

It all began when a woman rescued a cat and her litter of four kittens from a cat colony. She was heartbroken to see one of the kittens noticeably smaller than the others, with her hind legs curled in an unusual way.

This tiny fighter couldn’t walk like her siblings; instead, she dragged her hind legs on the ground.

kitten with hind legs
Credit: Celine Crom

However, the kitten’s fate took a turn when Amethyst came across a post online about her and her siblings. Eager to help, he contacted the kittens’ rescuer. 

Once the kittens were weaned and old enough, they were ready for a new chapter in life. The mother cat was spayed, treated, and returned to the woman who found her, while her furry babies went under the care of an animal rescue.

cats in box
Credit: Celine Crom

The rescue staff lovingly named the kitten with curled legs Yukie, who showed a tremendous will to live and tried hard to keep up with her siblings. 

Amazed by her fighting spirit, the rescue team decided to give Yukie the best life possible.

cat in hands
Credit: Celine Crom

Yukie’s right hind leg had a malformed knee joint, and her left hind leg was severely twisted. The only way to improve her quality of life was through surgery.

man holding cat with collar
Credit: Celine Crom

Once Yukie reached five months old, she was ready to undergo major surgery, to correct her left hind leg and put it into the right position. After the surgery, all there was left to do was hope for the best.

But Yukie defied all odds once again. She was standing on her four paws just a few days post-operation, making valiant efforts to walk.

cat sitting on carpet and looking up
Credit: Celine Crom

With plenty of love, care, and attention, her legs completely healed and over time, she regained strength and coordination, proving the surgery’s success.

cat at home walking
Credit: Celine Crom

Finally, after two weeks of recovering, Yukie finally made her first steps on all her paws, bringing tears of joy to everyone around her.

For the first time in her life, she could explore her surroundings, run, and play just like any other kitten.

beautiful cat sitting on womans legs
Credit: Celine Crom

Yukie was always a sweet and lovely kitten, but everyone could tell her personality blossomed the moment she got on all four paws.

Now, she is playing most of the time as if she’s making up for all the time she couldn’t due to her deformity. However, during the quiet time, she loves snuggling next to her humans and calmly purr away. 

cat sitting by her toy
Credit: Celine Crom

Yukie is living her life to the fullest thanks to the kind-hearted humans who never gave up on her. Still, none of this would have been possible if it weren’t for Yukie’s resilient fighting spirit and strong will to live.

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