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Kitten With Permanent Head Tilt Fights Against All Odds And Shows Amazing Will To Live

Kitten With Permanent Head Tilt Fights Against All Odds And Shows Amazing Will To Live

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When a tiny gray kitten named Paisley was brought to the local shelter, she was tiny and beyond fragile, struggling with a significant head tilt and a severe upper respiratory infection.

Nikki Martinez, a dedicated animal rescuer in Nevada, found Paisley in desperate need of care. With the support of Hearts Alive Village, Las Vegas, Nikki took the kitten under her wing, welcoming her into her home as a foster.

gray kitten in a box
Source: Instagram

Upon their first meeting, Nikki noticed that Paisley’s head tilt made her spin around and twist just so she could get a better look at Nikki. Despite her condition, Paisley was drawn to Nikki’s voice and had an intense love for food. 

The poor feline was starving! As Nikki explained in an interview:

“She was battling a pretty bad upper respiratory infection and was horribly thin. I knew she was going to be okay as soon as I got her out of the shelter. She was a strong little girl and full of energy despite being sick and thin.”

cute gray kitten
Source: Instagram

Nikki treated Paisley with utmost dedication and care. While the kitten started off malnourished and weak, she had an unending appetite and a fierce determination to survive.

Just an hour after mealtime, Paisley would return to Nikki with pleading eyes and a charming “meow,” asking for more food.

kitten giving paw
Source: Instagram

In just a few days, Paisley’s energy began to shine through. She started exploring around with enthusiasm, jumping up and down, and playing with toys. Her joyful chirps completely melted Nikki’s heart, as she said:

“I have fostered hundreds of kittens over the last 13 years, and I don’t remember ever having a little kitten that chirped everywhere she went. She’s a ball of energy and hasn’t met a toy she doesn’t like.”

cat laying on a floor
Source: Instagram

However, despite Nikki’s dedication and all the veterinary care in the world, Paisley’s head tilt was most probably a result of some previous infection. As Nikki explained:

“The doctor said her brain compensates (she doesn’t see the world upside down). She does everything a normal kitty does, just with a head tilt.”

Luckily, Paisley’s head tilt doesn’t prevent her from living her life to the fullest! She’s an amazing little feline full of joy and energy. 

cute gray cat in a house
Source: Instagram

Her lively personality even brought joy to the other pets in Nikki’s home, and she quickly became a favorite among the resident cats and dogs, As Nikki added:

“My favorite thing is how she hops over the little baby gate as if she has springs on her legs. You will be constantly entertained by her cute little chirps as she jumps around the house playing.”

gray cat laying on a floor
Source: Instagram

In just two months, Paisley went from 1.8 pounds to over four pounds, her transformation is truly remarkable. Now she’s a happy and healthy feline with a unique condition that, as Nikki believes, only adds to her charm.

When it was time for Paisley to find her forever home, the perfect family flew in to meet her. They prepared a cozy play area and a collection of toys for her.

cat and toy
Source: Instagram

Paisley had no trouble adjusting to her new home, discovering a new favorite sunbathing spot and a “birdwatching show” by the window.

Paisley has come a long way from an abandoned, malnourished, and sick kitty to a loving, healthy, pet cat. 

adorable gray cat
Source: Instagram

It’s amazing to see how kindhearted people give a chance to the oddest of animals, such as Paisley who has a truly unique condition. I’m so glad Nikki helped turn her life around!

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