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This Adorable Kitten With Teddy Bear Ears And Twisted Legs Will Definitely Melt Your Heart

This Adorable Kitten With Teddy Bear Ears And Twisted Legs Will Definitely Melt Your Heart

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Are you ready for some cuteness overload? If yes, keep reading to meet this special kitten that will warm your heart!

Baby Quill, the adorable kitten, has been a warrior since day one. She was born with twisted front legs and the cutest teddy bear-like ears. 

photo of baby quill the kitten

At first, she was found and brought to a rescue group in Los Angeles called Friends for Life Rescue Network. As soon as she arrived, she showed that she was a real cuddle bug, wanting all the attention just for herself.

Thanks to Zane and Mel Lamprey, Baby Quill got her first chance to have a better life. They are foster volunteers of the Los Angeles rescue who decided to help this paw-sitively cute kitten. 

kitten with teddy bear ears

They started giving her daily physical therapy, massages, and other treatments that would help correct her legs.

Baby Quill enjoyed all the attention and treatments they provided her with. She quickly bonded with her foster parents, especially her foster dad, Zane. Mel said:

“He swooped in like the hero after each physical therapy session and cuddled her. Quill had him wrapped around her tiny fingers.”

quill the kitten with teddy bear ears

Quill was tiny and a bit disabled, but despite everything, she proved to be brave and thankful, wanting endless love and cuddles. And how could anyone resist that?

Besides foster parents, Quill also got a new furry friend – Pumpkin, the resident cat. Pumpkin would wrap her paws around Quill and shower her with love.

quill the kitten in a blanket

But what happened a few weeks later broke everyone’s hearts… Quill got a fever and was immediately taken to the vet. After the examination, they discovered that Quill suffered from a feline viral disease called FIP (Feline Infectious Peritonitis).

quill cuddling with his mom

Because of that, they had to stop with physical therapy and focus on fighting FIP. Jacqueline DeAmor, co-founder of Friends for Life Rescue Network, said:

“There is a new drug therapy that shows promise in curing FIP in cats. In order for the FIP meds to work best, you must keep the body under the least amount of stress as possible.”

photo of quill during treatment

This tiny warrior didn’t have time to give up. So, only a week after starting treatment, Quill exceeded everyone’s expectations by making incredible improvements. Mel enthusiastically said:

“Even just a year ago, FIP would have been a death sentence. She’s responded very well to her FIP medication. She’s more active and is now gaining weight.”

quill after receiving a FIP medication

Baby Quill continued fighting and getting better every day. She became even more cuddly than ever, and everyone celebrated her recovery.

This little kitten had many obstacles in her life, but she kept fighting. She survived FIP and despite having twisted legs, Quill didn’t let anyone or anything slow her down.

cute photo of the kitten with teddy bear ears

Later on, she continued with treatments and improvements, getting stronger, more playful, and even cuter. You could tell she was getting happier from day to day.

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quill the kitten

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