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Abandoned Kittens Find Happiness Next To A Grieving Mama Dog

Abandoned Kittens Find Happiness Next To A Grieving Mama Dog

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My family dog was always really nice to cats, but I remember the previous dog my brother had… yikes! She was a female dog and was extremely protective of our house. No cat could cross our yard without her noticing and scaring it away. 

Our family dog, who is male and now really old, always liked other pets. He was never unfriendly to cats, which seemed strange to many people, but we loved it. I was even able to find one photo of him “kissing” a little kitten. 

a kiss between small calico kitten and a dog

This was a kitten my friend and I rescued from the street, and our dog accepted it right away. I thought this was incredible, but check out this miracle of nature

Motherless Kittens Get A New Mom

This stray dog lost her puppies, and when the rescuers brought her back to the shelter she just kept looking for her babies. The poor dog was devastated and they didn’t know what to do. 

“I had posted on social media to ask for puppies that possibly didn’t have a mom. A lot of people had kittens but I couldn’t find any puppies, so I thought well, it could work.” 

So this rescuer goes and picks up three abandoned kittens. She brought them to the shelter and let the mama dog in to see what would happen. 

At first, as you can see, the dog goes in and immediately approaches the box and sniffs it. She doesn’t look frantic anymore, she’s curious and happy. 

“She didn’t show any signs of being aggressive, and so I brought one kitten out and let her sniff.”

dog sniffs small kitten

The dog just seems so happy! The rescuer decided to bring out other kittens and put them in the dog’s bed. Just looking at how happy this dog looks brought tears to my eyes. 

dog lying in bed with kittens

The rescuer supplemented and bottle-fed the kittens from the moment she took them, but they also got comfortable nursing on their new mommy. 

kitten being bottle fed

“Her instincts were so strong to mother something! I don’t know that she knew that they were any different than her babies. We got really lucky that we found babies for her and she took to them and they took to her.”

dog breast feeding kittens

This could not have had a better outcome, but it gets better! They’re just like a real family. 

Whenever the rescuer would take the kittens and feed them, the dog would rush over to get back to her babies. She would be super excited, and she is just so gentle with them. They look natural to me, to be honest. 

The kittens nurse on her, she cleans them and is so gentle with them. After a while, she started to wean them; she still cleaned them but for shorter periods.

The Happiest Ending

“At that point, I kept the kittens, and David adopted Milo. He lives with his sister and we always knew she wanted one of the kittens. She got Gumball, and he happened to be Milo’s favorite.”

photo of kitten, dog and their owners

This is where it got even better! It is just such a wonderful story: a mother dog and a cat son staying together in their furever home. 

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