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Rescued Kittens Find A Dream Home And Get Their Own Christmas Tree

Rescued Kittens Find A Dream Home And Get Their Own Christmas Tree

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Get ready for the purrfect Christmas story of two kitten siblings who found their dream home after a daring rescue from a construction site.

These tiny kittens were just 3 weeks old when they were discovered, all alone, with no mother cat in sight. 

The compassionate volunteers at AnimalLuvr’s Dream Rescue in Florida wasted no time and rushed them to a veterinary clinic for the care they needed.

Following a thorough examination, these precious kittens were entrusted to the loving care of Nadija, a foster mom from Riverview, Florida. She fondly recalled the heartwarming moment, saying:

“They seemed very happy and content with their setup and were constantly purring.”

Nadija quickly noticed the deep bond between the two sisters. They were inseparable, always intertwining their paws and snuggling together in the sweetest way.

After a few weeks under Nadija’s tender care, the kittens showed remarkable improvement. 

Their playful side emerged as they zoomed around the house, climbed a cat tree, and performed their newfound tricks. Nadija remembered those days with a smile, saying:

“They were climbing the hand-me-down kitty tower, even though they still needed help getting down, and were starting to play and tumble around more.”

With Nadija’s love and care, Holly and Noelle, as she named them in keeping with the season they were found, blossomed each day. 

“They were eating their wet food well, and even used their litter box overnight and had lots of energy to play.”

Though they look almost identical and share an unbreakable bond, Holly and Noelle are quite different in personality.

Holly is the adventurous explorer, always on the move, while Noelle is a petite cuddle-bug who loves being close, snuggling up in laps, and asking to be picked up. Nadija added with a chuckle:

“Noelle is a people-cat through and through.”

Nadija marveled at how quickly these two furry sisters grew and transformed into mini cats. 

Now, as the holiday season approaches, Holly and Noelle have their very first Christmas tree, which they absolutely adore.

When they’re not playing around their Christmas tree, they snuggle next to each other and get lost in the dreamland.

They do everything together, follow their foster mom around the house, and adore being held and smooched, turning into purring machines right away.

These kitten sisters will get to enjoy a Meowrry Christmas with their foster family, with hopes that next year, they’ll be celebrating with their forever family.

This heartwarming journey of two kitten siblings from a construction site to their dream home has touched hearts worldwide, so don’t forget to share it with your loved ones!

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