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Paper Bag Reveals Soul-Crushing Content As Shelter Staff Opens It

Paper Bag Reveals Soul-Crushing Content As Shelter Staff Opens It

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People abandon cats the moment they become a burden to them. Sadly, kittens are also considered a burden and cruel individuals toss them on the streets, thinking they could survive on their own.

Unfortunately, domesticated cats that were once a beloved pet can’t survive alone on the streets. They suffer as the harsh street life takes a toll on their health.

Recently, two adorable kittens were abandoned in the scorching streets of Las Vegas. Paralyzed from fear, the two were awaiting their last moments. 

kittens in a paper bag
Credit: Facebook

On that fateful day, the hero from today’s story was tending his garden, on what seemed to be a normal day.

While the man was tending his flower beds he heard some unusual sound coming from his bushes. Confused, he rushed to investigate further.

kittens peeking out of a paper bag
Credit: Facebook

To his surprise, two kittens afraid to even move found refuge in his backyard. Someone tossed these poor souls close to the man’s fence and the two siblings crawled under his bushes, hoping to find shelter from the heat.

a kitten in a paper bag is looking at the camera
Credit: Facebook

With no previous kitten experience, the man had no idea how to help these poor siblings. He took his phone and simply googled – the best shelter near me.

That’s when the Homeward Bound Cat Adoptions phone number popped out on his phone. He called them and the staff told him to bring the kittens as soon as possible. 

The team was ready to take them in, knowing they wouldn’t last long in the scorching Nevada heat. 

kitty with eye disease
Credit: Facebook

As the man had no cat carrier in his home, he placed the two kittens in the next best thing he had – a Whole Foods Market paper bag. As the shelter shared on their Facebook:

“He gave what he could, but admitted to being short on funds and apologized for not having anything to transport them in, not even a box, so he brought them in a paper bag. Truly, he just wanted to help.”

a beautiful kitten in the hands of a man
Credit: Facebook

Once the shelter staff opened the paper bag, two adorable kittens gazed back at them. The two were severely dehydrated and had some cuts on their skin, but other than that they seemed healthy. As mentioned by the shelter:

“Other than fleas and minor cuts, thankfully, they appeared healthy, so we placed them in a loving foster home, where they will continue to receive care and TLC until they are ready for adoption.”

Naming them Gingerale and Dr. Pepper, the two adorable kittens were placed under the caring wing of an experienced foster mom. As soon as they fully recover, the two will be up for adoption and hopefully, someone will adopt them together. 

two kittens are lying on a shaggy blanket
Credit: Facebook

Thanks to the kind-hearted man and the amazing shelter staff, two innocent lives were saved from what could have been a fatal outcome. 

I’m so grateful Gingerale and Dr. Pepper found refuge in this man’s backyard who did his best to save them!

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