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Cute Kitten Sneaks Into A Pizza Shop And Steals The Chef’s Hearts

Cute Kitten Sneaks Into A Pizza Shop And Steals The Chef’s Hearts

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This made me remember my cat, Pepe. He wandered into our backyard and just stayed! It was pretty remarkable since we had a dog at the time, and Pepe just went past him and came straight to us. 

It was like he belonged with us. We asked around and nobody was looking for him, so we named him Pepe and he became our house cat. 

Similarly, this stray kitten wandered – or should I say, snuck – into a pizza shop and demanded to be adopted.

This sweet kitty asked the chef to cook her up a loving family, and this surprised chef had to deliver! 

Dave, owner of the Instagram account Grumpy Chef Dave, didn’t plan on adopting a pet cat any time soon, but this little cutie snuck into his pizza shop and into his heart. 

photo of an adorable kitten who snuck into a pizza shop

This little kitten snuck into the kitchen through the back door and the minute she saw Dave, she did her best to make him adopt her. She meowed to get his attention and made it impossible for him not to adopt her!

cute kitten covered in a blanket

Dave realized she wasn’t going away on her own, so he accepted her. When she jumped up on his shoulder, they both felt at home. 

She seemed happy with this adoption plan, but Dave was still worried that there might be a family looking for her and missing their beloved pet.

photo of an adopted kitten

It soon became clear that she was all alone in the world. As Dave asked around if anyone was looking for a missing kitten, he realized that she might just be his new feline friend. 

She was not interested in being anyone else’s pet; she only wanted Dave. Dave tried finding her a home, but he quickly realized that her home was with him.

As he was wondering what to do with this little cutie, she snuggled up in his lap and took a nap. Her soft purrs and happy face melted Dave’s heart! He realized that he had become a cat parent and all he needed to do was take good care of his new fur baby.

adopted kitten enjoys his new home

Dave did all the necessary preparation. He took the kitty to the vet where they saw to her medical needs. And finally, he named the cat “Ratbag the Vandal”.

photo of Ratbag

Now, the two are inseparable and closer than ever. Ratbag has grown into a beautiful, healthy, and playful cat. She sleeps cuddled up with Dave every night. 

Ratbag climbs Dave's shoulder

We see she still climbs his shoulders as she did as a kitten. 

Ratbag simply knew that Dave and she were meant to be together, and she did her best to make him realize it as well. Now their beautiful story brings a smile to people all over the world. 

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