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My Cat’s Favorite Activity Is Jumping On My Shoulders And I Love It

My Cat’s Favorite Activity Is Jumping On My Shoulders And I Love It

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Hello everyone! I have great news that I’d like to share with all of you. My feline friends have welcomed another young kitten into their gang, and I can’t describe to you how happy I am. 

Her name is Loo and from the moment she came home, I knew she was a special and playful kitten. Loo adapted very quickly to her new environment and the other cats, and she even found herself a favorite activity. 

Whenever I sit down to take a break, Loo immediately jumps in my lap and then onto my shoulder where she loves spending most of her time. 

Once she climbs on my shoulders, she can sit and rest there for hours. And what about me? Well, you know how these things go, you just don’t move while there’s a cat resting on you.

So, I did some research and found a few cute reasons for your cat jumping on your shoulders. 

#1 Your Kitty Likes Great Heights

cat climbs on owner's shoulder

We all know that most cats like resting in higher places. The reason for that is because of their natural instinct to be high up. 

So, just as cats are predators in nature, they’re also potential prey for some other animals. Therefore, outdoor cats usually like to climb to great heights to rest as they feel safer there.

Even though your feline friend is completely safe in your indoor environment, resting in higher spots is simply a cat thing. If they have a chance to rest on your shoulder, know that they will take it. 

What’s cute and funny is that when your cat discovers the beauty of resting on your shoulders, it’ll never get tired of that, just like Loo never does.

#2 Your Kitty Feels Safe With You

kitten feeling safe on owner's shoulder

Another reason why your cat chooses to jump and rest on your shoulders is that they simply love you and, most importantly, feel completely safe with you. 

Many people think that cats act like queens who just want to be fed, but that’s not entirely true, and every cat parent knows that.

Cats are lovely creatures who just want your love and attention, and yes, to be fed too. But, when you sum everything up, there are many ways in which your cat shows that it loves you, and this behavior is one of them.

If your furry friend likes to rest on your shoulder or in your lap, it means that it loves you, and it’s showing you that in its own way. So far, I haven’t noticed Loo sitting on someone else’s shoulder, only mine; it is a privilege to know that she already cares a lot about me.

#3 Your Kitty Is Showing Off

kitten showing off by climbing on owner's shoulder

Finally, some cats simply tend to show off more, and once again, that’s my sweet Loo. She’s constantly performing different tricks, climbing, rolling, and doing similar things, as though she’s trying to impress me. Little does she know that she stole my heart the moment I saw her!

Additionally, I think that she’s aware that I have other cat babies too who also want and need my attention. So, whenever she notices me, she’ll come and jump on my lap or shoulders. 

However, when I take my phone or start doing something else, she’ll immediately start circling around my head as though she wants me to pay attention to her. How can I resist that? 


kitten resting on owner's lap

I love all of my fur babies and I always find a way to provide each one of them with the same amount of love and affection, even though it looks like Mickey is better off alone. 

However, when it comes to Loo, I would say that she’s a young kitten full of life and love who’s trying to bring out the best in me. And I can tell, she’s doing a good job.

Now, I have a question for you; does your kitty jump on your shoulders or does it have another favorite activity to try to steal your attention? Think about it, and let me know!

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