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VIDEO | Clever Kitty Drinks From A Water Dispenser All By Itself

VIDEO | Clever Kitty Drinks From A Water Dispenser All By Itself

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I don’t know about you, but my cats rarely do anything that leaves me completely speechless. 

However, this cat really impressed me! Trust me, this cat’s trick will blow your mind, you just have to see it to believe it!

Picture this: a thirsty cat spots a water dispenser and decides to take matters into its own paws by having a sip of water. Can you imagine?

cat with water dispenser

Are you ready to laugh out loud? 


Cuando llenas el dispenser y no sabes por qué te quedas sin agua mágicamente… acá estaba el porque 🙄🐱🤣

♬ sonido original – Pochii

The video, of course, went viral! And how could it not? 27 seconds of pure feline intelligence.

This cat’s drinking hack got over 25M views and more than 3M likes, leaving viewers in awe of this remarkable hack! The person who created the viral video wrote:

“When you fill the dispenser, and you don’t know why you magically run out of water…here’s why.”

Cats are generally known for their independence, but this kitty takes it to a whole new level! It stands on its hind legs and uses its paw to press the faucet handle, successfully drinking water.

But How Are Cats So Smart?

cat looking at water dispenser

Well, for one thing, cats have exceptional eyesight, sense of hearing, and smell, which allows them to easily explore their area and detect even the smallest changes in their environment. 

They’re also extremely smart creatures, capable of understanding our emotions and responding accordingly. One research shows that cats can solve difficult problems and lead both social and solitary lives.

Another research on domestic felines discovered that cats can modify and adapt their behavior according to different situations, making them extremely resourceful creatures. 

Cats also have strong natural instincts and their insatiable, inner curiosity motivates them to explore their surroundings and constantly learn new things. 

As a result, we often see them playing with toys or discovering new items in their environment. 

On the other hand, in contrast to the clever kitty in the first video, the following cat seems to have been thirsty but at the same time too tired to fully wake up…

It’s quite amusing!

As the creator of the video wrote:

“Buddy drinking water via Bluetooth.” 

Hahaha, hilarious, right? Another person wrote how it’s always the orange cat. It cracked me up! But, when they want to, cats can be incredibly clever. 

Because of their curious nature, they are constantly learning and adapting to their surroundings, making them exceptionally clever and adaptable animals. To summarize, this viral TikTok video perfectly demonstrates cats’ intellect and capability. 

It is no surprise cats are very popular pets – they’re not only cuddly and friendly, but also quite independent, clever, and adaptable. 

So, the next time you witness your cat doing something new or extraordinary, remember that they are far more capable than we often give them credit for.

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