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List Of 20 Cats Doing Things Their Own Way

List Of 20 Cats Doing Things Their Own Way

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It is a known fact that cats tend to do things their own way. From sitting in random places, fitting into tiny spots, to simply disobeying our rules. Cats will do things their way.

All my cats have a quirk of their own. Mikey likes to sleep on his back like a human, and Freddie will climb on your lap no matter what – if you’re at an online meeting or having lunch, he’ll appear out of nowhere. 

Tom, however, will find his way into the wardrobe to hide and get some privacy, while Suzy will go and sit on the kitchen table every day, at least for a moment.

I always shout so it doesn’t become a habit, but Suzy has to get her way and climb onto it for a split second at least.

Similarly, all cats tend to have their own little quirks that they’ll do whether you like them or not. Luckily, these are mostly funny and harmless. 

1. First The Foil Ball, Then Lunch

Whenever im in the kitchen, Magnus sits and stares at me until i make him a foil ball
by u/lotusroad in WhatsWrongWithYourCat

Whenever his owner goes into the kitchen, this cat sits and stares at him until he gets his foil ball.

2. There’s Always That One Cat…

Let meow out
by u/superbialm in aww

You try and take a nice photo, but there’s always that one cat that is not photogenic at all. 

3. They Seem To Get Along

Cookie meets LEGO Cookie
by u/lat38long-122 in catpics

This cat’s like, This is the most beautiful cat I’ve ever seen, it kind of reminds me of someone…

4. This Cat Knows How To Protect Its Home

Gotta catch ’em all…and by all I mean all of my socks
by u/hurricanesally in cats

I will protect you… from all these dangerous socks. I’m telling you, if socks come alive one day, we know who to call, hahaha.

5. Gotta Respect Traffic Signs

It takes a village to raise my neighbor’s cat
by u/ftrbreed in WhatsWrongWithYourCat

This cat’s owner has put up a sign because his cat is not clever enough not to run out in front of the traffic. Well, if they can’t keep the cat indoors, this was a smart thing to do.

6. Thank You For The Cat Tower… Package

Cat Logic
by u/fnordstar in aww

Well, we all know cats love boxes!

7. My Door Is My Door!

Seriously? Cat logic!

Well, you can’t blame the cat for doing what it was taught to do. 

8. She Must Have Been Very Thirsty

Normally she goes for faucets… This is new.

9. Maybe This Is How We’re Supposed To Sit

I’m just a cat, who does cat ✨things✨
by u/Ornery_List9248 in cats

10. We Switched Bowls

Cat logic

11. This Is My Bed Now, No Laundry Today

Dirty laundry

12. Yep, This Is My New Nap Spot

Nap time!

13. This Is What I Call “A Relaxing Dinner”

This is my friends cat eating dinner

14. What A Weird Food Bowl

This is how my cat eats…
by u/MrStabbers in funny

15. How To Use Hangers The Right Way

Just doing cat things
by in CatsAreAssholes

This cat looks like the king of this house.

16. I’ve Been Very Busy

One of Mikas favourite places to sleep. ????❤

17. This Is How You Type

18. Ooh, So Much Toilet Paper

This cat’s so happy it can’t even hide it. 

19. Ah, Cats Doing Cat Things Indeed 

20. It’s What He Was Meant To Do

If these pictures made you laugh, why stop now? Check out this compilation of cats doing crazy cat things in the video below. I laughed so hard my stomach hurt.

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