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List Of 8 Laziest Domestic Cat Breeds

List Of 8 Laziest Domestic Cat Breeds

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When I see my cats sleeping peacefully and enjoying the sweetness of doing nothing, I sometimes wish we could switch places. 

But, remember, each cat is different. Some are always on the move and can’t spend most of their day sleeping, while others love to relax and do nothing. 

So, if you want a calm and lovely cat that won’t tire you out, here’s a list of the 8 laziest cat breeds just for you!

#1 Ragdoll Cat

The Ragdoll breed was bred to be calm, friendly cats that love to sit on your lap. They have long fur, big blue eyes and get along with almost everyone. 

That’s why Ragdolls are great family pets. These cats are pretty lazy, but they’ll never be lazy to follow you everywhere around. 

#2 Ragamuffin Cat

Ragamuffins are very similar to Ragdolls and are also one of the laziest cat breeds. They love napping in comfy places or on someone’s lap and are very tolerant. 

Ragamuffins get along well with everyone, which makes them great family pets. They have a dog-like personality and will probably follow you and ask for attention quite a lot.

#3 Persian Cat

A fluffy, flat-faced Persian cat is another lazy feline. However, these cats are very friendly. Their laziness is probably related to their flat faces, which can cause breathing issues. This means they may not have the energy to be as active as other cats.

So, a Persian cat is a good choice if you want a calm feline that you can take care of properly.

#4 Birman Cat

Birman cats look like a long-haired version of Siamese cats. But the main difference between them is that Birmans are super lazy. 

These kitties are very calm, quiet, and don’t mind being carried around. This makes them great pets for kids. If you’re looking for a lazy nap buddy, I’m sure a Birman cat won’t let you down.

#5 British Shorthair Cat

Another lazy breed of cat is the gorgeous British Shorthair cat. These cats are calm but also very independent, so don’t expect this lazy cat to be a cuddler.

British Shorthair cats will find the best sleeping spots and prefer to spend some time alone. If they come to you, they’ll likely sit next to you instead of on your lap.

#6 Russian Blue Cat

Russian Blue cats might not look lazy, but they are. They’re very calm and loving, but they also need more time to warm up to new people. 

Russian Blues aren’t very active, but when they are, they’ll usually explore their environment to become more comfortable.

#7 Maine Coon

If you’re surprised to see Maine Coons on this list of lazy cats, just remember that they’re often called ‘gentle giants’

These big cats have easy-going personalities, which makes them great family pets. They like to spend some time alone, but they aren’t completely lazy. If you want to have some fun with your Maine Coon, you can take it on snow adventures or for a swim.

#8 Scottish Fold

Scottish Fold kitties are one of those lazy loungers, but they do it better in a pair. These cats love to relax, but they don’t like being alone. So, getting a pair of Scottish Folds is a BINGO!

Scottish Folds are very friendly with everyone and adapt to new things easily. So, if you want a unique-looking feline who’ll do nothing most of the time, the Scottish Fold is your purr-fect match!

Now, what do you think? Would you like to have a lazy cat? If yes, which one of these would you pick? Let me know in the comments, and be sure to come back again to learn more about fascinating cat breeds!

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