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List Of 10 Famous Movie Cats That Are Going To Make History

List Of 10 Famous Movie Cats That Are Going To Make History

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I love movies, and I love, love, love cats! It was a pleasure writing about famous cats in movies, and I know exactly which cat characters will be famous for a few decades more! Check out my top 10 choices and see if you agree. 

10. Mrs. Norris From The Harry Potter Franchise

Mrs. Norris is the cat that patrols the hallways of Hogwarts during the night. Most students hate the cat, but she is loyal to Filch and will do what he wants. 

Several cats played the role of Mrs. Norris, but the most noted one was a Maine Coon by the name of Pebbles who got used to the set and would walk and stop where he was told to. Any time Mrs. Norris walked through the hallway, that was Pebbles!

If you ask me, Mrs. Norris is an important part of Argus Filch’s character.

9. Oliver From Disney’s Classic Oliver & Company

Oh, I used to love watching Oliver and Company when I was a kid. Oliver is an abandoned kitty who joins a canine gang in order to survive. 

The original version was much tougher, while the more popular version was the musical, which kids all over the USA loved.

8. Garfield From Garfield: The Movie

Garfield is (and has been for a long time) one of the most famous cat movie characters. I suppose that’s because many of us can relate to him, I know I can. I hate Mondays and I love eating lasagne, lol. 

7. Puss In Boots From The Shrek And Puss In Boots Movies

Antonio Banderas voiced Puss in Boots, but the cat’s appearance is what captured the hearts of the audience. Or perhaps Puss in Boots wouldn’t be what he is, without the voice of Banderas. 

Anywho, with his boots, musketeer hat, and rapier sword, people all over the world warmed to the cat. He is a brave, adventurous character and I don’t think the Shrek franchise would be complete without him. 

6. Mr. Bigglesworth From Austin Powers

I used to hate Dr. Evil as a kid, hahaha, maybe I should watch the movie again and see how I feel about it. However, the cat is a different story – the cat is awesome! 

In the movie, the character of Mr. Bigglesworth used to be a long-haired Persian cat, but after so many years in a cryogenic capsule, both Dr. Evil and the cat turned bald. This is why a Sphynx cat got the role. 

5. Crookshanks From The Harry Potter Franchise

Crookshanks was played by two different Persian cats throughout the franchise. The character of Crookshanks is actually not just a cat, but a half-Kneazle (a magical beast), which is why he spent so much time at the Magical Menagerie. 

That is until Hermione buys him in 1993 and he becomes her beloved pet. No one wanted him because of how he looked. They made the cat look even more shabby by sticking bits of shed fur back onto its body.

4. Orangey From Breakfast at Tiffany’s 

The character of Orangey the cat is the only double award-winning cat. He won two Patsy Awards. Orangey was a male marmalade tabby who was a trained animal actor and whose role in the movie Breakfast at Tiffany’s was truly significant. 

3. Tonto From Harry And Tonto

Tonto is another cat that won a Patsy, he even got the actor who played Harry to bond with him even though the actor claimed he wasn’t very fond of cats. This orange tabby cat played his role like no other cat could, making Harry’s life so much better. 

2. Buttercup From The Hunger Games

Buttercup is a ginger cat that belonged to the protagonist’s sister, Prim. She named the cat Buttercup because she felt like his coat color matched the color of the flower buttercup. Katniss isn’t a big fan of the cat, but I truly admire him! 

This is what I call first-class acting:

And the No. 1 Cat On This List Might Shock You…

1. Salem Saberhagen Or Thackery Binx?

What do you think? Which cat deserves to be the number one cat on the list of famous cats in movies? 

There are some people who believe that these two cats are, in fact, the same cat. However, if we look at it from a realistic perspective, this is not true. 

First of all, the two cats were voiced by different actors in the movies, and secondly, there was a real Salem cat while Thackery was animatronic. I don’t think they’re the same cat, even though they share some similarities personality-wise, lol. 

That’s why they share the no. 1 spot on my list! Which Cat do you think is more famous, Salem or Thackery? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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