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Lost Cat Struggles To Find His Family So He Travels 24 Miles To A Special Place He Never Forgot

Lost Cat Struggles To Find His Family So He Travels 24 Miles To A Special Place He Never Forgot

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We all know that outdoor cats can often wander around and return after a day or more, especially intact males. That is because they possess strong senses and memories, allowing them to remember their home.

According to the Lost Pet Research project, there have been reports of cats traveling significant distances, such as 50–80 miles in 2.5 years, 38 miles in 6 months, 30 miles in 10 days, and 20 miles in 21 days.

One such kitty went missing, but instead of returning to his current home, he traveled a remarkable 24 miles all the way to the village where he was born.

orange cat
Source: India Redman

Cupid, the ginger kitty, went missing a few days after Christmas, leaving his family in despair. 

Although he often roamed the neighborhood, one fateful night, he didn’t return home for dinner. Realizing that, his human parents, India and Collin, began to panic and started searching for their beloved missing cat.

They tirelessly searched everywhere for nearly two weeks, but Cupid was nowhere to be found. Desperate, they reached out to their neighbors and even social media, hoping to find Cupid.

Cupid’s Remarkable Journey And Reunion With His Family

close view of cute ginger cat
Source: India Redman

Days turned into weeks, but India and Collin refused to lose hope. Then, one day, India received a message from a woman who had spotted a ginger cat near her home. 

She was certain it was Cupid due to his distinctive dark smudge under his eye. India couldn’t contain her excitement, saying:

“I jumped out of bed and phoned her straight away because I was so excited. We had a chat, and it was definitely Cupid that she had found.”

However, what shocked India even more was the fact that Cupid was found by Amy Osbourne, who lived a staggering 24 miles away from her. India added:

“He must have gone across rivers and fields to get over there in stealth mode.”

But, the distance wasn’t the only thing that shocked India. There was an even bigger twist to the tale.

blonde woman holding her cat
Source: India Redman

When India arrived in the village where Cupid was found, everything seemed strangely familiar to her, and then it hit her – it was Cupid’s birthplace. She said:

“He was found two doors down from the house where I’d bought him from.”

Cupid was very happy and loved by his family. So, the main mystery was why he couldn’t find his way back home after his adventures and what prompted him to return to his place of birth. India believes she knows the answer:

“Everyone loves him so much in our house, and he gets attention non-stop, so I reckon that he couldn’t find his way back home here because he got too far away, so then he went somewhere else that was familiar to him.”

Whatever the reason, the only thing that truly matters is that Cupid was found safe and sound and happily reunited with his beloved family.

Cupid The Cat: Homecoming

cat laying on woman legs
Source: India Redman

While India and Collin were overjoyed to have found Cupid, they decided to take some precautions to prevent such escapades in the future. India explained:

“We’ve just had him chipped and neutered, so he’s on house arrest at the moment, but I’m sure he will be back out soon ready to go on some more adventures.”

Cupid’s family hopes that he will continue to enjoy his outdoor escapades, but they are eager for him to stick closer to home and avoid causing them any more anxiety.

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