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This Majestic And Sweet Lynx Is The Epitome Of The ‘Gentle Giant’

This Majestic And Sweet Lynx Is The Epitome Of The ‘Gentle Giant’

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This sweet gigantic baby lynx named Max was born in a zoo in 2011. He is not a domestic cat, but he is not 100% a wild cat either. 

Max is the animal ambassador of the Northeast, with the mission of educating the public on endangered Lynx cat species in the hope that people will strive to protect wildlife and the environment. 

Max’s caregivers stress how he was born in the zoo and therefore cannot be released into the wild. Max is also not declawed, he has his own outdoor sanctuary and overall seems like a healthy and well-cared-for lynx.

Check it out:

No matter what breed or size, cats are just cats. And cats love boxes, hahaha.

Max’s caregivers made it clear that he is healthy and that they’re doing everything in accordance with their USDA license.

“People always ask if Max could be released into the wild and the answer is NO. Once an animal is born in captivity and has been introduced to humans, they cannot be released.”

They also explained how Max only knows humans as his caregivers, and he is used to his “cat lifestyle” where there’s a prepared meal every day and a safe, cozy spot for napping. 

If you’re interested in reading more about Max and his journey, check out his website.

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