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Sweet Interaction Between A Male Cat And His Babies Will Definitely Give You Kitten Fever

Sweet Interaction Between A Male Cat And His Babies Will Definitely Give You Kitten Fever

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We often see kittens with their mother, but now it’s time to see the whole family in action. Get ready for a heartwarming gathering of this furry clan. 

Meet Lulu, a lovely blue tabby Scottish Fold cat, who recently welcomed kittens with Leo, a handsome shell silver shade British Shorthair cat.

Since both Leo and Lulu reside under the same roof, we get the chance to see what daddy cats are like with their little ones. And let me tell you right away, they’re not so different from us; they often seem just as confused as most dads, haha!

white cat and three gray kittens
Source: YouTube

The kittens were under their mother’s care until they opened their eyes and ears, ready to explore their surroundings.

Once they reached that stage, it was finally time for them to meet Leo, their dad. In the video below, you can see a bunch of fluffy kittens curiously approaching Leo, who appears a tad puzzled himself.

Leo is incredibly cautious around the kittens, and from the way he sniffs them, it’s clear that this is their first encounter. This leads us to the question: Can male cats recognize their own kittens?

Most researchers suggest that male cats can indeed recognize their kittens by their scents. However, each cat is unique, so some daddy cats may show more or less interest in their kittens. 

white cat and gray kitten
Source: YouTube

Interestingly, it’s been found that indoor male cats tend to bond with their kittens faster than their outdoor counterparts, often assisting them as they grow.

While the mother cat undoubtedly takes the top spot in the kittens’ hearts, father cats can also form strong bonds with their furry offspring, playing a vital role in their lives. 

Over time, especially indoor male cats can become very protective of their kittens and may even show affection by playing or grooming them.

cat laying down and two kittens sitting
Source: YouTube

On the other hand, some daddy cats might be less interested or even a bit aloof when it comes to their kittens. Therefore, it’s crucial to keep a watchful eye on them, especially during their initial interactions.

Moreover, as long as their mother is present, like Lulu in the video, there’s little to worry about. She obviously trusts Leo enough to let him approach the kittens, but she never leaves her kittens’ side, ensuring their safety and well-being. 

white fluffy cat and kittens
Source: YouTube

It’s a testament to a mother’s love, and everyone who watches the video can see it. The video’s cuteness left many people stunned, with comments like: 

“Lovely baby cats and mommy daddy cats fostering and caring babies make heart soothing, warming. Thousands thanks for uploading ❤❤❤”

“These are the most chilled out, relaxed parents ever, they must know something we don’t. Cool cats, Awesome, 👍👍👍”

One person even made a playful joke about the daddy cat’s disinterest:

“I can’t blame daddy cat. I am sure he is thinking, ‘Not a single mostly white kitten? U sure mailman not daddy?’”

Interested or not, this furry family has definitely warmed people’s hearts. 

white cat hugging a kitten
Source: YouTube

At the end of the day, the mom cat takes on the role of primary caregiver, while the daddy cat is mostly there for playtime. Nevertheless, they’re always ready to lend a helping paw when needed!

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