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Man Builds A Catwalk So His Cat Can Safely Enjoy The Outdoors

Man Builds A Catwalk So His Cat Can Safely Enjoy The Outdoors

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We all know cats just can’t resist exploring their surroundings, especially when it’s something new and thrilling like the great outdoors. 

But for cat owners, it’s a constant worry about their safety when they venture outside. How do you satisfy your cat’s craving for adventure while keeping them protected from the unpredictable dangers of the world beyond your doorstep?

Well, here’s where one creative cat owner stepped in with a brilliant solution. Meet Jaron Myers, a proud cat dad, and the brains behind this innovative creation: the catwalk! 

He crafted a catwalk along the side of his house, providing his furry companion with a taste of the outdoors without the risks of escaping or harm. Check it out for yourself in this video: 

As you can see, Jaron’s secure pathway allows his beloved feline friend to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine while remaining completely safe. It’s no wonder that visitors to his home are utterly amazed by this clever construction.

thrilled man with catwalk
Credit: jaronmyers

In Jaron’s own words on his Instagram:

“Back porch vibes are insanely cool rn 🐱”

happy man looking at cat walking
Credit: jaronmyers

It’s crystal clear from Jaron’s Instagram posts that he’s one devoted cat dad, completely smitten with his pet cat, Duck.

cat in catwalk
Credit: jaronmyers

Jaron always admired Duck’s insatiable curiosity and adventurous spirit, but he couldn’t help but worry about Duck’s safety when exploring the great outdoors. 

So, he embarked on this thoughtful project, determined to give Duck a secure taste of the outside world. Now, Duck can enjoy the fresh air and sunshine whenever he pleases, all while being as safe as can be inside the house.

fluffy cat in catwalk
Credit: jaronmyers

Jaron’s dedication to building a catwalk for Duck has paid off in spades! He has significantly improved Duck’s quality of life and reaffirmed his status as the ultimate “cat dad.” 

Not only that, but his video showcasing this fantastic project has garnered over 70 million views, with people singing praises for his incredible idea. One user even cheekily commented:

“5 days before he finds the escape hatch 😂”

Well, let’s hope Duck is content with his new catwalk and won’t be planning any great escapes. From the looks of it, he’s purrfectly happy at home, especially now that he has his very own pathway to explore the yard.

I doubt he’ll be running away any time soon. So, what are your thoughts on this fascinating creation? Share your impressions with us!

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