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Man Is Shocked To See That His Long-Lost Cat Has Been Put On A Facebook Adoption Post

Man Is Shocked To See That His Long-Lost Cat Has Been Put On A Facebook Adoption Post

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Jason Hays, a man from Florida, was browsing his Facebook feed when he spotted a familiar fluffy face in an adoption post. 

The post came from the local SPCA of Brevard Adoption Center, seeking a new home for Gumby, a reserved cat who could blossom into a wonderful friend with just a bit of patience and attention. The post said: 

“You can meet Gumby at our adoption center at 6035 Sisson Road in Titusville!”

cute cat sleeps
Credit: Facebook

But to Jason’s astonishment, the cat in the post wasn’t Gumby – it was his own lost cat, Leroy! Jason came across Leroy’s adoption post because a friend had engaged with it.

Just think about it: finding your cherished cat, missing for months, featured on an adoption site, safe and well. What an incredible relief that must have been.

Luckily, his friend engaged with the post, and many people commented on the photo, which is how he spotted it, and promptly reached out to the shelter. Following this, he added a comment to the update:

“Hi everyone! Thanks for sharing this post. I went by the SPCA and this was indeed my long-lost cat Leroy. He is now home safe and sound after nearly 6 months on the road.”

Leroy, a loving 8-year-old cat, was discovered wandering in Mims, roughly 20 miles from his home. A good Samaritan took him to the SPCA of Brevard, ensuring he got the necessary care. 

He had gone missing a few months earlier, during his family’s move to a new home in Port St. John, Florida.

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Credit: Facebook

The moment Jason spotted his photo on Facebook, he hurried to the shelter for a touching reunion with his cherished cat. He shared his thanks, recognizing the struggles Leroy endured to make it on his own in the wild.

“I don’t know how he ended up 20 miles away or what kind of trials he went through to survive that long in the wilds of Mims/Port St John, but he is home again and resting. Thank you to SPCA of Brevard for taking great care of him for the past 3 months! None of us can believe that he got that far on his own and that he stayed in the center for as long as he did. But we are glad to have him back.”

The shelter staff announced the exciting news, expressing their delight in reuniting Leroy with his owners after several months apart.

“REUNION ALERT! If you remember, we recently posted about Gumby in hopes a potential adopter would see his post… but his OWNERS saw it instead!”

cat on the top of the couch
Credit: Facebook

Now safely back home after nearly 6 months, Leroy is basking in some much-needed rest and relaxation, and his family is overjoyed to have him back where he belongs.

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