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A Couple Comes To The Shelter To Adopt A Cat But What Happens Next Will Surprise You

A Couple Comes To The Shelter To Adopt A Cat But What Happens Next Will Surprise You

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When a cat chooses you, there’s just no saying no. But, what happens if more cats choose you at the same time?

Well, my friend, there’s only one right answer to that question: you adopt all of them.

Such a heartwarming thing happened to Tara and Steve, a couple who went to an animal shelter, determined to adopt a cat and give them a forever home. However, little did they know what would happen upon their arrival.

couple looking at cat and touching her
Credit: Tara and Steve

The couple recently lost their beloved 18-year-old tabby cat named Jackson. They were heartbroken and felt the emptiness of a home without a cat’s purr. To fill that emptiness, they decided that it was time for a new furry companion. Tara shared:

“I didn’t know when we would be ready (to adopt again), but I knew we would. Giving another stray baby a home would be the perfect honor to the memory of our boy.”

Their search led them to a stunning tabby named Shadow at the Exploits Valley SPCA. It was simply a love at first sight, especially because he reminded them so much of Jackson.

Without hesitation, they put in an application, and after a few days, they received a call from the shelter to set up a meet-and-greet.

woman hodling cat at shelter
Credit: Tara and Steve

The couple was beyond excited about meeting Shadow that they even arrived 45 minutes earlier. However, it was all worth it because their meeting was nothing short of heartwarming. Tara shared:

“As soon as we saw him, we knew that feeling we had was spot on. It was almost like he did as well. Two seconds of being with him, and we knew he was coming home with us.”

But the story didn’t end there. As they discussed possibly adopting a second cat, the shelter introduced them to Poco, a white and brown furball who immediately snuggled into Tara’s arms, purring his way into her heart.

After experiencing the moment, Tara’s heart completely melted down. But wait, there’s actually more! 

During their meeting with Shadow and Poco, another tabby feline, named Pony, with gorgeous markings caught their attention. Pony came to the couple and charmed them by rubbing against their legs.

smiling couple holding cats
Credit: Tara and Steve

Suddenly, Tara and Steve were in a very difficult position. They came to adopt one cat, but they met three lovely felines. They tried to decide which kitty would fit their family the best, but all three of them were super great. Tara joked:

“It was like they had a group meeting the night before where they prepared ahead of time how to get us to adopt all three.”

Faced with an impossible decision, because each cat was incredible in its own right, they made the heartwarming choice to adopt all three.

cats playing at shelter
Credit: Tara and Steve

Back home, the couple prepared everything for their expanded family, renaming their new companions Chirp, Flynn, and Riggs. 

The trio quickly adapted to their new life. Flynn, the purrer, and Riggs, the flopper, became best friends. On the other hand, Chirp needed extra reassurance, due to his past traumas. Tara said:

“Every day, we can see he’s starting to get that with us. He is very entertaining to watch when he’s in full play mode.”

cats relaxing on the couch
Credit: Tara and Steve

Despite everything, both Tara and Steve have zero regrets about adopting all three cats. They love them so much and believe they are all meant for each other. Tara shared:

“Our house finally feels like a home again, and our spirits have been lifted. Jackson will never be replaced, but he would be happy to know his people are being taken care of and that his home continues to be filled with love and happiness.”

cat sleeping on a belly
Credit: Tara and Steve

What would you do in this couple’s situation? Would you adopt all three cats? Drop a comment below, and don’t forget to share this beautiful story of love and adoption with your friends and family.

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