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Man Spots A Mysterious Moving Bag By The Roadside And Makes A Shocking Discovery

Man Spots A Mysterious Moving Bag By The Roadside And Makes A Shocking Discovery

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Whenever I think about all the people who so ruthlessly abandon their pets, I can’t help but wonder whether humans even deserve the joy these amazing creatures bring into their lives. 

However, in moments of utter hopelessness, I somehow always manage to stumble upon a story that restores my faith in humanity. Today, I’m excited to share one such inspiring tale with you. 

A few years back, a man named David Louis Lankester had a rather peculiar experience. One night, as he was minding his own business, he discovered a kitten trapped in a plastic bag. 

Overcoming the initial shock, David hastily took the kitten out of the bag and brought him back to his home. He gave him some food and made sure he was safe and warm. 

The next morning, he took a picture of himself and his new buddy, and shared it with his Instagram friends, with a caption:

“So last night I found this guy in a plastic bag. This morning I’m thinking yeah he can defo stay here with us.”

People in the comments were genuinely moved. They praised David’s kindness, expressing their joy that such good and compassionate individuals still exist, and wishing for more of them in the world.

On the same day, David took the kitten to the vet, where he found out he was a healthy six months old fluff. 

He decided to name him Adventure and introduce him to the rest of his little furry family, which already consisted of a cat and a dog. 

Adventure fit right in with his new family. He quickly learned that David’s home was a safe space for him to thrive and show the whole spectrum of his kitten capacities.

David talked about Adventure’s antics on his Instagram, saying:

“Just been climbing on the bookshelf doing his thing, ate loads of kitten food, and been playing with his tail? I thought only dogs did that, but Adventure, he breaks all the rules. Crazy maverick!”

Adventure also proved himself to be a true lap cat. He never missed a chance to snuggle in his pap’s lap, even if that seat was taken by a laptop: Adventure didn’t mind! 

He adored his new life and soon grew up into a beautiful boy! However, more than anything, he loved David! Their bond was truly something special. 

The friendship between David and Adventures is a true example of kindness beyond borders. Most of the time, it’s precisely those models that we need in our everyday lives.

Because, in a world where kindness and cruelty are always opposed to each other, knowing good, compassionate, and animal-loving people still exist is a truly comforting thought. 

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