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After Being Surrendered To The Shelter, A Cat And His Blind Dog Friend Get A New Chance In Life

After Being Surrendered To The Shelter, A Cat And His Blind Dog Friend Get A New Chance In Life

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While we have many different interests and things we care about, our pets have just one focus – us. Now, imagine losing everything you love and care about in just one day…

That’s precisely what happened to a poor cat and his blind canine friend. One winter, a homeowner made the heart-wrenching decision to surrender his two beloved pets to the Saving Grace Animal Society.

The homeowner and his family recognized that their furry friends needed better care than they could afford, and they believed this was the best solution. The Saving Grace Animal Society explained the situation, stating: 

“The family felt an indoor retirement home was best for this blind boy and his ‘seeing eye cat.’”

Max, the ‘seeing eye cat,’ and Spike, the blind dog, had been inseparable for as long as anyone could remember. They had grown up together and formed a bond so strong that it was inconceivable to separate them.

Even though Spike was blind and heavily relied on his feline friend, Max embraced his role as Spike’s guiding light in life. 

When Erin Deems, the executive director of Saving Grace, first met Max and Spike, she was overwhelmed by their heartwarming companionship. She recounted the touching scene, saying:

“It’s absolutely adorable. When we walked up onto the property, there was this tiny igloo shelter, and they were just cuddled in there right together.”

Initially, the rescue team felt sympathetic toward Spike, given his total blindness. However, as they observed how content he was with his ‘seeing eye cat’ by his side, they realized that Spike truly cherished his life.

He was more than willing to spend the rest of his days with his best feline friend, forming a duo that could melt anyone’s heart. Erin added:

“The cat has just kind of helped him in his little survival trek. They follow each other everywhere, they do every activity together and they sleep together.”

In addition to being a caring kitty who assists his blind companion, Max has a charming personality that can bring smiles to anyone’s face. Erin described him, saying:

“He’s a very friendly and social cat, he loves to explore and tell stories and he loves to play with toys.”

Because this paw-fect pair had grown up together and shared an unbreakable bond, it was clear to everyone that they needed to be adopted together. Separating them would have been unthinkable; it would have left both of them feeling lost.

“They came in as friends and they deserve to find a home together. We find it’ll just make the transition for an old senior dog that’s blind, it’ll just make it so much easier if his cat friend is with him because they don’t know life apart.”

All they needed was a loving home and a patient human who would cherish them. Given their undeniable adorableness, that was not a tall order. Thankfully, Saving Grace successfully found Spike and Max a forever home.

Max, the friendly cat, proudly led his blind friend Spike to their forever home, where they’ll spend the best remaining days of their lives together.

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