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Man Leaves Everything To Travel With The Cat Who Got Him Through Hard Times

Man Leaves Everything To Travel With The Cat Who Got Him Through Hard Times

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Every day I dream of being this guy… Haha, jokes aside, let me introduce you to Richard and Willow, the unstoppable travel companions!

This dynamic duo hopped into a van one day and embarked on an epic journey. Richard adopted Willow from his ex-girlfriend, who couldn’t care for her anymore. That was the moment Richard became Willow’s fur-ever owner. 

Since then, Willow and Richard have been inseparable, facing all the ups and downs of life together. Richard decided to leave his corporate job, sell all his belongings, and follow his dream of exploring the world with his furry sidekick, Willow. 

Here, we’re sharing some snapshots of their incredible adventures. If you want more glimpses of this adorable human-feline pair, check out their Instagram page.

Credit: Instagram

Willow, the fearless feline!

Credit: Instagram

The famous duo in action! 

Credit: Instagram

Their journey began when Willow was just two years old. Then, Richard’s ex-girlfriend agreed to have Willow adopted by Richard, and that’s where the magic happened!

Credit: Instagram

The bond between them grew unbreakable.

Credit: Instagram

Willow provided unwavering support when Richard needed it the most…

man holding a cat in his arms
Credit: Instagram

But as life unfolded, Richard returned the favor to Willow, selling everything to pursue this dream. I’d say it was Willow’s dream too.

Credit: Instagram

Their connection is simply heartwarming. In Richard’s own words:

“Willow is very sweet and loving. She loves cuddles and is very affectionate.”

Credit: Instagram

These two exemplify true friendship goals! 

Credit: Instagram

Not only are these two the best of friends, but their adventures around the world have been even better with some extra company!

Yep, you heard that right! A happy update has been shared all over Instagram. Richard is married! The three of them are like their own version of the Three Puss-keteers. 

Credit: Instagram

Can you imagine such an adventurous man meeting a woman as adventurous as him? The two of them have been traveling with Willow for years, and they ain’t planning to stop. 

Credit: Instagram

This photo they shared on Instagram is the last photo of their cottage, now their only home is the one on four wheels. A bit nostalgic but full of hope, they shared:

“This is it! The very last photo of the three of us at the cottage! Those of you who have been reading our stories over the past 18 months will know that the cottage was absolutely treasured by Steph, Willow and I. Today, we say goodbye as we take some last shots of the three of us together, sat on the front door step. We got some great snaps.”

Credit: Instagram

I wish the three of them many more adventures to come! I’ll make sure to follow them and enjoy all the awesome posts they share with us! Want more? Head to their Instagram page to revel in their incredible travel tales!

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