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Man Puts A Tiny Collar Camera On His Cat To See His Outdoor Adventures

Man Puts A Tiny Collar Camera On His Cat To See His Outdoor Adventures

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Gonzo the cat seems to be quite an adventurer!

Cat with camera on neck

His owner shares how he always brings home trash as gifts. 

“He really feels the need to bring us stuff.”

To see what he’s up to, his owner, a documentary filmmaker, made a tiny spy camera that fits onto his collar. 

Squirrel-chasing never looked more fun!



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“There were some days where he’d come back with, like, 10 trash gifts and he’d just, “Mrrroow!” every few minutes, you’re trying to get work done.” 

cat walking with camera

“He’s brought home hundreds of trash gifts by this point.”

It’s interesting to see the world from the point of view of a cat. Watching Gonzo chase squirrels and interact with other animals is fascinating.

They even witnessed him hanging out with baby possums, surprising everyone. 

“It was crazy to see how he interacts with other animals. He ran up on some baby possums, and we’re watching the footage like, ‘Oh no, we’re about to witness a murder!’ And he just chilled with them. He just hung out with them. He was social but gentle.”

cat with camera found a rat

“There were other cats in our apartment complex. Simone was sort of the big one. She was a street cat before our neighbor took her in.”

Cat found a second cat with her camera on neck

“One of Gonzo’s first interactions with her that we caught on camera was him trying to bring her a trash gift.” 

Gonzo seems to have a crush on Simone, as he tries to impress her with trash gifts, but she doesn’t seem to be interested. 

He went under the house to pick up a plastic bag, and once he came out, Simone was gone. His owner says it was kind of heartbreaking to see the footage of Gonzo meowing and looking for her with this “plastic bag gift.”

“The ‘Simone zone’ is sort of a friend zone, and it’s unrequited love. Gonzo really wants her affection and then he gets too close, and she swats him away.”

cat standing in front of cat with camera

Sometimes, Simone lets Gonzo hang out with her, from a certain distance. But he always pushes his luck!

cat standing in front of the gate

“The best part has been learning about him and being able to connect with him in a unique way. He’s a special cat. He’s very sweet.”

cat with camera collar

It’s truly amazing how we connect with our feline friends, especially after seeing the world “with their eyes.”

It was really fun seeing the world from a cat’s perspective, and how he meows and interacts with other animals. Gonzo truly is a remarkable cat!

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