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Minnesota Couple Spent Two Days Trying To Rescue The Trapped Cat Family Under Their Porch

Minnesota Couple Spent Two Days Trying To Rescue The Trapped Cat Family Under Their Porch

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Roo and Clara Yori, a couple from Rochester, Minnesota, are famous for rescuing dogs, like the Pit Bull who got to meet Betty White! Little did they know that their next rescue would be right under their porch. 

One evening, while walking their dogs, Clara heard a soft meow. It wasn’t the usual sound of a cat looking for food; it was a cry for help.

digging under porch
Credit: Instagram

Clara and Roo couldn’t ignore the sound of cries and immediately sprang into action. 

It was late at night, but with the help of a dedicated rescuer named Michele from Camp Companion, they set out on a mission to find where the cries were coming from. 

Equipped with a shovel and a lamp, they started digging under the porch to find the kitten. The kitten was trapped in a narrow and dark hole, making it a difficult challenge to rescue. 

man rescuing cats
Credit: Instagram

The rescuers worked tirelessly and improvised tools for over two hours, trying everything they could think of.

Clara even went on a late-night errand to get a special tool. However, as time passed, the kitten’s cries faded, making the rescuers anxious.

Just when things seemed hopeless, Roo used the universal language of cats (“pspspsps”) to lure the kitten out. 

man holding a kitten
Credit: Instagram

Just after midnight, they finally pulled the tiny furball out of the hole using a small twine noose. The poor kitten was so tired, but he felt so much better now. 

They gave him the sweetest name, Bartholomew, for his cries for help. Michele took him in and gave him a delicious meal to make him feel safe and loved.

kitten held in hand
Credit: Instagram

The next day, Clara brought Bartholomew to the vet for a check-up. While Bartholomew was on the road to recovery, Camp Companion found out that he had a family! 

They spotted his mother and two siblings nearby, so they set up a trap and patiently waited, wishing to bring this adorable family back together!

mom cat under porch
Credit: Instagram

Roo thought it would be a good idea to go back under the porch to close the way in, just to make sure nothing bad happened again.

But while he was looking around, he found something unexpected: Bartholomew’s mom and siblings were hiding even deeper in the small space! 

The next day, Michele crawled under the porch to find the scared kittens hiding in straw. One by one, the cute little furballs were brought out.

photo of kitten under porch
Credit: Instagram

Finally, the mama cat was successfully caught and brought back together with her babies in a cozy and secure nursery. 

It turned out she was a brave mama who had probably tried to move her litter because of some recent construction happening in the backyard. 

rescued mom cat and kittens
Credit: Instagram

Now that they were safe in their temporary home, Bartholomew and his siblings wasted no time in getting back to their usual playful kitten behavior, especially their love for hiding (luckily, in much easier-to-find spots this time!). 

The Yori family, along with Camp Companion, accomplished the rescue mission of a mama cat and her three kittens, proving that determination, teamwork, and a little bit of “pspspsps” can make a big difference.

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