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Mother Cat Urges Her Rescuer To Let Her Out Only To Come Back With Her Babies

Mother Cat Urges Her Rescuer To Let Her Out Only To Come Back With Her Babies

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Most cats feel safe and sound after being rescued, but that wasn’t the case with this brave and determined mother cat.

The mother cat, along with two of her babies, was found and rescued. However, the mother cat couldn’t relax because she knew something that no one else knew.

mother cat
Credit: Facebook

She had more babies, but only two were found with her when she was rescued.

The desperate mother cat begged her rescuer to let her back outside and get her other babies to safety too. 

The rescuer had no idea what this cat wanted because she was the only one who knew the other kittens even existed.

kittens in the room
Credit: Facebook

Being so desperate and determined to go out, the rescuer had no choice but to let the cat out.

After the cat went outside, she immediately rushed back to the carport, where they had been found.

adorable little kitten
Credit: Facebook

Then, she went inside and came back with a tiny kitten in her mouth. However, that wasn’t all.

The cat kept going inside and out until all five of her remaining kittens had been retrieved.

After the mother cat saved all of her babies, her rescuer immediately contacted his local kitten rescue association. They were more than happy to help this furry family.

woman holding little kitty
Credit: Facebook

Some kittens were severely injured and required immediate professional help. One of them was missing a part of his leg.

What was even worse was the fact that the kitten’s leg was infected. Thanks to the rescue organization, the kitten’s foster family was able to treat his leg properly, along with dipping it in a liquid that promotes healing.

kittens with food
Credit: Facebook

Despite his injuries, the kitten proved to be a real fighter, and he was as happy as his other siblings. He was given a pirate-y name, “Long John Silver”.

Now, when all the kittens were rescued and provided with a safe place, the mother cat finally relaxed, and enjoyed being with her babies.

kittens in a cage
Credit: Facebook

The mother cat was named Sassie, and she’s the real hero of the story. She would do anything for her babies, and her hard work paid off. This heartwarming story is proof of how powerful a mother’s love is. 

Besides the mother cat and her heroic spirit, another star of this story is Long John Silver, who proves that, despite missing a leg, nothing can hold him back. Check his video below:

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