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Tearful Momma Cat Who Lost Her Babies Embraces And Welcomes An Abandoned Kitten

Tearful Momma Cat Who Lost Her Babies Embraces And Welcomes An Abandoned Kitten

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One rainy evening after a romantic dinner date, a young couple hurried through the parking lot to their car, dodging puddles along the way. 

As they approached their vehicle, the man spotted something unusual underneath it. On closer inspection, he realized it was a black cat seeking shelter from the rain. 

mama cat
Credit: YouTube

The man noticed that the cat was not only distressed but also drenched in a mysterious, sticky liquid – not just rainwater. 

Wanting to start the car and head home, he initially tried to shoo the cat from under the vehicle, but she refused to budge. Reluctant to harm her, he contacted a local animal rescue organization for assistance.

A Heartbreaking Realization 

mourning mama cat
Credit: YouTube

The cat stayed underneath the car for hours, refusing to come out. When rescuers arrived, they attempted to lure her out with some food. 

The man even tried gently moving his car back and forth and revving the engine to scare her away, but the cat remained determined to stay put. 

As they were deliberating on how to coax her out, one of the rescuers made a heartbreaking discovery.

photo of mourning mama cat
Credit: YouTube

Believe it or not, one of the rescuers found the carcass of a stillborn kitten lying in a puddle near the car. It was dark, and the rain had been pouring for hours, which is why no one had noticed it earlier. 

Soon, they found the rest of the litter – four kittens, all prematurely born and gone too soon. 

Suddenly, everything made sense: The reason the cat was so distressed and refused to leave the spot was that she was mourning the loss of her babies.

vet collecting kittens off ground
Credit: YouTube

When the vet arrived at the scene, she shared her insights on the situation. She suspected that some kind of external stimuli, likely a car accident, had caused the pregnant mother cat to give birth prematurely. 

The vet carefully collected the kittens from the ground, hoping this would coax the mother cat out from under the car. 

However, she remained there, as if glued to the spot, quietly crying as the vet took her babies one by one.

black cat under a car
Credit: YouTube

Eventually, the cat stood up on all fours, revealing a broken hind leg that caused her to limp. 

Concerned for the cat’s condition and well-being, the vet was determined to get her to the clinic as soon as possible, fearing there might be another stillborn kitten stuck in the cat’s birth canal. 

To prepare for the rescue, the rescuers enclosed the man’s car with a wire net on all sides to prevent the cat from escaping.

mama cat wrapped in a blanket
Credit: YouTube

Then, the vet, armed with a protective blanket, carefully approached the cat, who, to everyone’s surprise, didn’t mind being touched. 

She cooperated with the vet, allowing herself to be scooped up and quickly transported to the clinic.

At The Clinic

Upon arrival at the clinic, the vet immediately examined the cat, discovering several major injuries to one of her hind legs. An X-ray revealed a broken thigh bone, necessitating urgent surgery. 

Fortunately, the X-ray also confirmed that there were no stillborn kittens inside, which greatly relieved the vet.

cat getting a bath
Credit: YouTube

To prepare the cat for surgery, the vet fed her to boost her energy levels and gave her a soothing bath to calm her nerves and clean off the amniotic fluid, rain, and mud. 

Despite having almost no appetite, the cat was remarkably compliant, allowing the vet to proceed without any resistance. 

She didn’t hiss, bite, or scratch at all – she was such a good girl. 

This behavior led the vet to suspect she might have been someone’s pet, prompting a team to return to the rescue scene to look for her owners. 

Unfortunately, they found no one, indicating that the poor mom was likely a stray.

cat having a surgery
Credit: YouTube

The surgery, which lasted four hours, was complex but ultimately successful. The vet was very pleased, stating:

“It went well. At the beginning of the surgery, I was concerned because it involved many broken bone pieces. Although it took a long time, the results are good!”

With the surgery behind them, all that was left was for the cat to get the rest she needed for recovery. 

To aid in her recuperation, the vet came up with a brilliant idea…

Renewed Hope In A Form Of A Kitten

tiny kitten
Credit: YouTube

Since the momma cat had been so good and brave, the vet and her staff thought she deserved a special gift.  And what better gift to give or receive than a kitten, right?

At the clinic, there was a tiny newborn kitten who had unfortunately lost its mother and had no littermates. So, the vet decided to introduce the kitten to the momma cat, hoping they could help heal each other. The vet said:

“Since the kitten needs a mother, and the cat suffered the loss of her own kittens, I thought it would be wonderful for them to meet.”

mama cat lying with a kitten
Credit: YouTube

After carefully placing the kitten by the cat’s side, everyone waited anxiously for her reaction. Would she accept the kitten or not?

Initially confused by the presence of a kitten beside her, the cat was hesitant to do anything. However, her maternal instincts soon took over.

tearful mama cat
Credit: YouTube

As her eyes filled with tears, she began grooming the tiny kitten, signaling to everyone that she had accepted the little one as her own.

This gave her hope for a better future; even though she lost her kittens too soon, without even properly meeting them, she was presented with a chance to be a mother again.

Forever Home For Brave Mama

hand petting the cat
Credit: YouTube

Not long after the cat’s surgery, the man who found her hiding under his car came to visit. Explaining his reason for visiting, he said:

“I believe it was fate that brought us together. After discussing it with my girlfriend, I’ve decided I want to raise her. I came here to tell you that I want to adopt her!”

He later added:

“I’m grateful the surgery went well. I can’t wait to take her home and spoil her. Just thinking about it makes me happy.”

cat wrapped in a blanket
Credit: YouTube

A man with such a pure heart and good intentions truly deserves a cat so gentle and affectionate as this one. 

Thanks to his actions, the cat now has a chance to start anew in a warm and loving forever home, far removed from the harshness of street life, speeding cars, and pouring rain.

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