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Munchkin Cats For Sale In Ohio (Breeders & Adoption Sites)

Munchkin Cats For Sale In Ohio (Breeders & Adoption Sites)

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You should learn a few facts about Munchkin cats before purchasing one. The breed is distinguished by its tiny legs, which are the result of a genetic abnormality.

Unfortunately, as a result, they are prone to a variety of health disorders that mostly damage their spine, which is why most experts advise against breeding these cats.

The Munchkin cat breed is a little cat that comes in a variety of coat lengths (long, medium, and short) as well as a variety of colors and patterns. Only their tiny legs distinguish these cats from other cat breeds. 

They still have charming personalities. Munchkins are lovely, loving cats who are loyal to their owners. Furthermore, they are ideal pets for households with other pets and children. 

So, if you’re certain you want to find Munchkin cats for sale Ohio and adopt one, look into the following breeders and adoption sites linked below.

Munchkin Cats For Sale Ohio: List Of Trustworthy Breeders

munchkin kitten outdoors

As the Munchkin cat breed is one of the rarest, there aren’t many catteries with Munchkins for sale in Ohio. Nonetheless, I was able to locate a couple of Munchkin cat breeders located there.

If the following catteries do not have any available cats or kittens, I will give you some alternative options. The major issue with finding a Munchkin may be that breeders do not have many litters each year.

Whether from a breeder I have listed below or from an adoption site, I hope you’ll be lucky and find a Munchkin cat or a Munchkin kitten for sale in Ohio.

1. Munchkin Kittens For Sale In Wilmington

Website: Facebook

Phone Number: 813-967-7422

2. Munchkin Kittens In Hillsboro

Website: Facebook

E-mail: [email protected]

3. Kewpie Doll Kittens


Phone Number: 906-202-9828

E-mail: [email protected]

I’ve listed the three Munchkin cat breeders I found, along with the links to their official sites and contact information. They’re the only ones that are reputable and that breed Munchkins in the state of Ohio.

Where Else To Look For Munchkin Cats For Sale In Ohio

cute adorable little munchkin kitten

Besides searching for reputable breeders, you can look for adoption sites and, of course, check the shelters and rescue centers in Ohio.

Registered breeders can be hard to find, especially when it comes to the Munchkin cat breed. However, it isn’t that likely that a Munchkin kitten will end up in a shelter, either.

These short-legged cats are friendly and great for any family. However, if you adopt a Munchkin from a rescue center or anywhere besides a registered breeder, you should take it to the vet for a routine exam.

When you buy from a Munchkin cat breeder, your cat or kitten will have already had all the necessary vaccinations and de-worm treatments, be well-adjusted and be ready to go to its forever home.

The following catteries or sites usually have breeders that breed and raise their kittens at home. However, most of them have TICA or CFA registrations. This implies they’ll also be ethical and professional regarding the health and well-being of their felines.

Adoption Sites

munchkin cat sitting on the road outdoor
1. Hoobly Classifieds
2. Petfinder
3. GoKitty
4. AdoptAPet

These adoption sites are a great alternative if you don’t find a purebred Munchkin cat or kitten with the reputable breeders from the list above.

Shelters and rescue centers are always a great idea since you’re giving an abandoned animal a new chance in life. All these sites can connect you to your future feline friend. Look for Munchkin cats for sale in Ohio, and I’m sure you’ll have some luck!

Average Price

When it comes to the average price of Munchkin cats and kittens, there are different key factors that come into account. The registration, pedigree, colors, etc., determine the price of the kitten. The place you find your kitten will also affect the price you pay.

If you find your furry friend in a registered cattery, expect to pay a few bucks more. However, shelters and adoption sites often have lower prices. You can expect the price of your Munchkin kitten to be approximately between $800 to $1500.

Munchkin Kittens For Sale In Nearby States

Cute kitten munchkin

If you don’t find available litters or there are no upcoming litters in the registered catteries in Ohio, you can check out the following list of breeders located in nearby states.

1. Munchkin Kittens For Sale Florida – TOP Breeders List
2. 7 Most Trustworthy Munchkin Cat Breeders In Texas
3. Munchkin Cat Breeders In Michigan: Breeders List
4. 3 Best Munchkin Cat Breeders In North Carolina
5. Munchkin Cat Breeders In New Jersey
6. Munchkin Kittens For Sale In Arizona

Closing Thoughts

Munchkins are lovely, friendly cats who are obedient and devoted to their owners. They are also great pets for families with kids and dogs.

These cute kittens with large hearts will surely win over your heart. You’re probably aware of this because you’re looking for Munchkin kittens for sale in Ohio. 

So, whether you live in Ohio or another nearby state, contact any of the breeders I’ve mentioned to inquire about available kittens and any other information that interests you. I hope you’ll have some luck.

If there are no available kittens in the three catteries I listed above, I hope you’ll have some luck in the neighboring states or on the adoption sites.

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