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Celebrate “National Cat Health Month” With Your Furry Friend

Celebrate “National Cat Health Month” With Your Furry Friend

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I was thinking and finally realized something: February is all about love and cats! It’s the perfect month to shower your feline pal with extra affection for numerous reasons, but one occasion you can’t afford to overlook is National Cat Health Month.

I believe that this event is extremely important for both cat parents and their beloved kitties, as it reminds cat owners to pay special attention to their cat’s health.

National Cat Health Month kicked off in 2010 in response to a growing need to spotlight the importance of routine health check-ups and preventative care for our feline friends.

Since cats are pros at masking when they’re feeling under the weather, staying informed about their health and doing our best to maintain it becomes all the more essential.

What’s great about National Cat Health Month is how it motivates us to prioritize our cats’ well-being not just in February, but all year round!

So, if you’re ready to celebrate this special month with your kitty, stick around to learn more!

Things You Should Do To Keep Your Cat Healthy

the vet examines the tabby cat

In honor of National Cat Health Month, I’ve rounded up 8 must-try tips to ensure your cat stays in tip-top shape:

• First and foremost, take your kitty to the vet for a detailed examination 

Don’t wait for an emergency to rush your cat to the vet. Annual check-ups every February can catch issues you might miss since, as we already mentioned, cats are ninjas at hiding discomfort.

• Stay on Top of Vaccinations

Keeping your cat vaccinated is crucial, whether they’re lounging indoors or adventuring outside. It’s your best bet against preventing serious diseases. 

• Spay/neuter your cat

the veterinarian sterilizes the cat

If you wish your cat to be healthy and happy, another thing you should do is to spay/neuter it.
These procedures have many benefits; they can reduce the risks of various health issues in our cats, and most importantly, they will reduce the number of accidental litters.

• Pay attention to the cat’s diet

It’s essential to provide our kitties with high-quality diets. Feeding them food that contains animal meat and protein will help them grow stronger and develop their immune system. 

A responsible owner should avoid feeding their cats unhealthy human food, as this can lead to many health issues.

• Keep your cat’s claws, ears, and teeth clean and healthy

person trimming cat's nails

This fantastic trio also requires a bit of attention. If you wish to avoid unnecessary health issues, I suggest regularly trimming your cat’s nails and cleaning their ears and teeth to prevent infections or other problems.

• Keep your cat fit

Exercise is crucial for cats as it keeps them active and stimulated. Engaging in various activities helps them develop both mentally and physically. Regular exercise reduces the risk of obesity and other related health issues.

• What follows after the cat behaves well? A reward, of course! 

cute kitten is playing with yarn ball

So, after the February examination at the vet, you can reward your kitty to thank it for good behavior. 

You can provide it with a new, interesting toy that will keep it entertained for hours, or you can choose its favorite treat. It all depends on the type of cat and its preferences!

And finally – share the Love!

Snap a pic of your cat and share it with #NationalCatHealthMonth to spread the word about the importance of feline health. By doing this, you’ll remind others to take good care of their cat’s health, too.

Can you imagine life without your furry companion? I sure can’t. Joining in on National Cat Health Month means we’re committed to giving our cats the longest, happiest lives possible. I’m all in for celebrating! How about you?

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