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5 Signs You Like Cats More Than Humans

5 Signs You Like Cats More Than Humans

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Every cat parent can agree that the time spent with their feline friends is priceless. As I get older, I realize that there’s no one I’d rather spend time with than my cat. I have seven cats, and each one of them brings me happiness every day. 

Cats offer numerous benefits to humans; according to research on the psychological benefits of owning a cat, they’re great for our mental health, can lower the risk of heart disease, improve sleep quality, and even sense certain illnesses, and similar.

Cats can understand us and our emotions without saying a word, they truly are a wonderful gift.

If you agree with me so far, then keep scrolling and check out these five signs that prove you like cats more than humans! 

1. You Choose To Stay Home With Your Cats Instead Of Going Out… 

Guy holding a cat

I would often be offended by such comments in the past, but thankfully, they don’t bother me anymore. However, you should always know that there are some things you shouldn’t say to a cat parent

Everyone has the right to do whatever they want. So, if you choose to stay home and hang out with your felines, you’re a 100% cat lover.

2. Your Cat’s Needs Come Before Your Own

Cute cat with beautiful eyes

If you prioritize your cats and make sure they have everything they need, then you’re crazy about cats. 

I often forget to buy things for myself, but I never fail to reward my cats with new treats, toys, or anything that will keep them happy and entertained!

3. Your Cats Are Members Of Your Family

Old couple holding a cat

According to the CATS Report 2022, 92% of cat owners consider their cat as part of the family, and 88% admit to regularly talking with their cats.

Whenever someone tells me, “It’s just a cat,” I immediately end the conversation because they are my family.

4. Your Phone Is Filled With Cat Photos

Cat posing for picture

If almost every photo on your phone is of your cat in different sleeping, sitting, or playing positions, it’s obvious whom you love more.

5. All You Do Is Talk About Your Cats

Granny holding a cat

If you can’t stop talking about your cats and their hilarious adventures, especially when talking to another cat parent, then both of you are true cat lovers who don’t need anything else in life to be happy.

If you identify with each one of these signs, then welcome to the club – you’re a true cat lover!

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