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New Jersey Hero Rescues Over 100 Cats Stuck In Trees Without Charging A Penny

New Jersey Hero Rescues Over 100 Cats Stuck In Trees Without Charging A Penny

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Have you ever looked up at a tree and spotted a fluffy cat sitting way up high in the branches? Well, cats are known for their climbing abilities, but sometimes they get stuck in tricky situations. 

Luckily, in Southern New Jersey, there’s a hero named Steven Murrow who is always ready to rescue these furry friends. 

man holding a cat
Credit: Facebook

He runs Tesla Tree Service and helps bring these adventurous cats back to safety – without charging anything for his services.

However, there’s a twist in the story. Believe it or not, Steven is actually allergic to cats! But that didn’t stop him from becoming a hero for cats everywhere.

It all began in 2021 when a friend informed him about a cat stuck in a tree for days, out of reach by usual means. 

cat stuck on tree
Credit: Facebook

Equipped with his climbing gear and expertise, Steven decided to step in. That first rescue changed everything. 

While holding the frightened yet thankful cat, he knew he had to continue helping felines in need. He made cat rescue a part of his tree service, guided by the belief that saving an animal is priceless.

man rescuing cat off a tree
Credit: Facebook

Additionally, Tesla Tree Service goes beyond just rescuing cats; it’s also dedicated to making a positive impact on the environment. 

The company’s name is a reflection of Steven’s strong commitment to environmental conservation. He uses solar panels and battery-electric chainsaws to reduce his environmental impact. 

In the last few years, Steven has saved more than 100 cats, each with its own unique story. 

For example, Clementine was stuck for five days and desperately needed water, while Fifal, a tuxedo cat, spent five days at great heights, harassed by birds, before Tesla Tree Service came to the rescue.

cat on a tree
Credit: Facebook

There have even been a few “repeat offenders,” cats who have gotten stuck again after being rescued before. Well, maybe they just wanted another opportunity to see their local hero!

Steven is not just motivated by the excitement of saving the cats. He believes he is a symbol of hope, the final opportunity for these cats in need. 

man holding rescued cat
Credit: Facebook

He does everything for the cats, but he also wants to encourage others to show kindness in their own unique ways, and I think it’s beautiful!

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