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Cat Tries To Defend Her Home From A Robot Vacuum But Loses The Fight In A Hilarious Way

Cat Tries To Defend Her Home From A Robot Vacuum But Loses The Fight In A Hilarious Way

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Trying to get your cats to get along with your other pets is one thing, but when you have to make them get along with your home appliances, well that’s a whole other story.

When I brought my rescue cat Beans home, I had no idea he would be scared of simple things like my hair dryer. 

cat looking at robot vacuum
Credit: YouTube

Every time I tried drying and styling my hair, he would run under my bed and stay there for the next hour. It took him a good year to get used to all these scary appliances and sounds!

So when I discovered a cat named Indy, I had to share her hilarious story with you!

two cats lying on stairs looking at vacuum
Credit: YouTube

Indy’s dad Walter recently decided to jump into the trend of buying a robot vacuum. I’m guessing every other household in our country has a Roomba nowadays, am I right?

However, Walter had no idea he just brought an enemy into his house. His two cats Indy and Santi were not amazed by the robotic newcomer. 

ginger cat and robot vacuum
Credit: YouTube

Walter turned on the vacuum and went on about his day, but once he returned to the living room a hilarious sight awaited him. 

Indy and Santi joined forces and started following the vacuum around, but every time the vacuum came close to them, the cats would jump so high almost as if something burned their paws!

cat eating food off the vacuum
Credit: YouTube

Being curious little creatures, they couldn’t just ignore the Roomba! Walter immediately took his phone and recorded the hilarious interaction.

As you can see Walter even placed Indy’s food on top of the vacuum hoping it would make her grow fond of the robot. However, Indy was not giving up.

She tried defending her home to the best of her abilities, but she lost the fight, LOL!

cat pushing away the vacuum
Credit: YouTube

At one point, Indy was lying down and with all her adorable ginger power she tried pushing the robot vacuum away. The vacuum suddenly changed its course and swooshed poor Indy under the sofa!

cat under a couch
Credit: YouTube

Her dad Walter couldn’t help but laugh! Although Indy lost the battle against the vacuum cleaner, I’m sure she will come around and accept the robotic newcomer, just as my Beans accepted the hair dryer!

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