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A Compassionate Person Discovers A Newborn Kitten All Alone In Desperate Need Of Help

A Compassionate Person Discovers A Newborn Kitten All Alone In Desperate Need Of Help

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A caring resident of Las Vegas discovered a tiny kitten that was clearly abandoned in the area. The mama cat wasn’t anywhere near, and this little newborn kitten needed care urgently. 

A similar thing happened to my friend Jeffery. He and his wife found three abandoned kittens and couldn’t bear the thought of leaving them. Just like this woman, Nikki Martinez set out on her rescue mission. 

Pule Kotov, Nikki’s husband, joined her as they have been helping animals in need for over ten years. Even though Pule has recently been diagnosed with cancer, they did not stop dedicating themselves to helping innocent animals. As Nikki explained:

“She was so little and frail that we wondered if she had a future, but we were determined to aid her in the struggle.”

They named the kitten Rocky, and after a good meal, she spent her first night in a cozy incubator. Nikki and Pule took turns feeding Rocky by the hour, keeping her warm at all times. 

During their first week together, Nikki woke up every two hours at night to check on Rocky, who began growing and developing quite an appetite. 

Pule grew fond of her more each and every day. He bottle-fed her, and after four weeks, Rocky was moved to a playpen where she began exploring and playing around, developing muscle strength and bringing joy to her foster parents.

Rocky enjoyed the attention and yummy meals. When Pule underwent his medical procedure, she was the comfort Nikki needed. Fortunately, the procedure went great, and Pule was feeling good and ready to cuddle with his little fur baby. 

He bottle-fed Rocky again, and she enjoyed all the attention she was getting from them both. And an incredible and loving relationship formed between these two warriors. 

After just a couple of weeks, Rocky transformed into a well-adjusted little kitty. Her unique personality shined through, and she revealed her quirky nature. 

Rocky is playful, curious, affectionate, and above all mischievous! 

She’s also a great friend. When Pule arrived home after his procedure, she snuggled beside him and purred, as if she knew how healing her purrs are. 

It took Rocky some time to understand how the whole “eating” is supposed to be now that she’s getting older since she’s been bottle-fed for so long. Nikki and Pule were overjoyed when Rocky started eating cat food from its own bowl.

“She is quite unique compared to all the kitties I have encountered. Very independent,” as Nikki describes her.

She is a true survivor and a friend sent to Pule and Nikki at the right moment. She truly helped Nikki while she was waiting for her husband to come home from the hospital. And she also helped Pule during the beginning stages of his treatment at home.

They searched for some time to find a purrfect family for Rocky, and after weeks of looking, their search was a success! She moved into her fur-ever home in May this year. Pule commented on their work:

“Our passion is protecting and nurturing. For the past ten years, we have enjoyed having the opportunity to care for cats in need. As long as there is good health and vigor, we shall keep working every day.”

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