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Newborn Kitten Had No Chance Of Survival But Look His Amazing Transformation

Newborn Kitten Had No Chance Of Survival But Look His Amazing Transformation

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This heartwarming story follows the journey of Javie, a tiny kitten who was found abandoned by his mother when he was just 3 days old.

Unfortunately, cats, especially first-time mothers, may leave their kittens for various reasons, and that’s precisely what happened to poor Javie.

Yet, fortune smiled on him when a kind-hearted man discovered him and resolved to rescue the little furry soul. 

David Loop, a dedicated cat rescuer hailing from Mira Loma, California, and the president of Sierra Pacific Furbabies, also in California, found Javie. Together, they embarked on a remarkable journey filled with miracles.

Rescuing And Caring For Javie…

bottle feeding newborn kitten
Credit: David Loop

When David took Javie under his wing, the kitten was only three days old, with his umbilical cord still attached. Witnessing him in such a fragile state, all alone, was heart-wrenching. 

Upon his arrival at David’s, he weighed a mere 78 grams. Thankfully, David possessed extensive experience in caring for newborn kittens and knew precisely how to nurture Javie, enabling him to grow stronger and bigger. 

He provided Javie with round-the-clock care, including bottle-feeding and tender forehead kisses, to create a sense of security and reassure the kitten that he was in gentle and caring hands.

David fed Javie every two hours, and with each passing day, improvement was evident. The tiny kitten began to gain weight and grow in size. 

Once Javie opened his eyes, he transformed into a purring machine and a genuine cuddle enthusiast.

Javie’s Transformation

close-up photo of man and kitten
Credit: David Loop

After ten weeks under David’s devoted care, Javie became almost unrecognizable. He transformed into a healthy kitten with an energetic and playful nature. Yet, he cherished cuddles above all. David said:

“Javie is quite possibly the most snuggly kitty in the world.”

Having endured so much and barely surviving, Javie is now thriving, all thanks to David, a dedicated cat rescuer who wasted no time in helping the poor kitten. 

Upon hearing and witnessing Javie’s journey, people couldn’t contain their happiness and joy. They flooded David’s reels and photos with comments and support. Some of the most heartwarming messages included:

“You are a man among men. You are a hero. In the true definition of the word. God bless you forever for your generous heart.”

“The little kisses on the head are as important as the milk bottle.”

“You’re his mom now. That took love and dedication; good job!”

Many praised David and rallied behind his noble work, inspiring cat lovers around the globe.

photo of black kitten
Credit: David Loop

David gave Javie a second chance at life, a chance he had always deserved. Hopefully, this kitten will find a purrfect family who will continue taking such good care of him, granting him the life he so rightfully deserves.

Until that day comes, we can all be sure that Javie is in good hands, just as he has been since the day of his rescue. 

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