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Old Trucker Nurses Abandoned Kitten Back To Health And Transforms Him Into A Purrfect CoDriver

Old Trucker Nurses Abandoned Kitten Back To Health And Transforms Him Into A Purrfect CoDriver

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Meet Mike Mattingly, affectionately known as “Old Trucker” from Alabama, whose heartwarming travel stories have captured the hearts of millions online. Mike’s journeys have taken him far and wide, always with his adorable furry friends by his side.

It all started when two cat-loving doggos accompanied Mike on the road. However, as they got older, staying home seemed like a much better option.

Their home in Bear Creek was a wonderful place where Mike and his wife, in addition to their two dogs, cared for a bunch of stray cats. They regularly provided veterinary care and ensured they were well-fed and healthy.

Mike feeds strays wherever the road takes him, as he shared on TikTok:

“Two things I can’t see to go hungry is a little kid and an animal.”

Bobby’s Adventures With Mike

old driver and kitten
Source: TikTok

Now how did this amazing man go viral? Well, he started sharing his road adventures with his followers online and people were (and still are) amazed by his kindness.

One time, during his stay at home, Mike came across Bobby. Bobby was a kitten abandoned by his mama cat, one of the strays Mike and his missus regularly fed.

He was also the sole survivor in his litter and Mike couldn’t bear the thought of him facing the same fate as his siblings. 

kitten in truck
Source: TikTok

Mike nursed the little fellow back to health, and before you knew it, Bobby joined him on the road. 

During their trips, he would climb onto Mike’s shoulders, play with toys, and chill on the truck’s dashboard. Mike equipped his truck with a litter box and plenty of toys so that Bobby could have everything he needed.

ginger kitten in truck
Source: TikTok

Mike used to say he wasn’t much of a “cat lover” but now he simply adores them. Especially his little travel buddy, Bobby.

Everyone on TikTok enjoyed their travel videos so much that Mike continued sharing their adventures from the road, with their videos gaining millions of views. As he shared:

“That little cat right there is a blessing to me. He brought a lot of joy and pleasure to the inside of this truck.”

adorable ginger kitten sleeping
Source: TikTok

Other than being a great little travel companion, Bobby also helped Mike cope with his health issues. 

Just a while before Bobby came into Mike’s life, he disclosed that he had been experiencing some heart-related problems. But ever since Bobby arrived, he’s felt much better, as he shared:

“What Bobby has done for my heart and my frame of mind is far more than any prescription that any doctor could have given me. He’s brought a lot of joy to my heart, and I hope I’ve brought a lot of joy and companionship to him.”

sweet kitten in truck
Source: TikTok

It seems like Bobby arrived into his life at the right moment. However, he sadly didn’t stay for long…

Their Final Goodbye

cute kitten sitting in a truck
Source: TikTok

Bobby crossed the rainbow bridge just a few months later, due to a respiratory illness that was too severe for him to overcome.

Mike was devastated! He missed his furry friend so much that it was unbearable. However, what helped him during his time of grief was donating in Bobby’s name. 

The Colbert County Animal Shelter was grateful for the donations and the chance to honor Bobby’s loving memory, which Mike had shared with so many in Alabama and online.

old trucker and kitten
Source: TikTok

Another source of joy for Mike and all of Bobby’s fans was a children’s book dedicated to sweet little Bobby.

John O’Grady and Nicole Marie wrote a book called “Old Trucker and Bobby” featuring our two protagonists and their road adventures. All proceeds from the book were donated to the shelter, aiming to help as many animals as possible.

The Three Amigos Help Mike Heal

three kittens in truck
Source: TikTok

Additionally, around the time of Bobby’s passing, one of the strays Mike cared for gave birth to three ginger kittens. They affectionately named them Butterball, Popeye, and Lulu – the three amigos. 

Mike felt like they were a blessing in disguise, three furry friends who arrived in his life when he needed them most. The millions of followers who adored Bobby now enjoyed seeing the three amigos living their best lives with Mike in their truck.

When they were old enough, Mike found fur-ever homes for Lulu and Butterball, while Popeye stayed with him and became a permanent family member.

old guy trucker and kitten
Source: TikTok

He accompanied Mike on the road until Mike retired. Now, they’re all living their best lives, enjoying home vibes together with Mike’s wife and their two canine friends. 

One of Mike’s TikTok followers even commented that it seems Popeye is enjoying his life at home so much that he has retired as well:

“I guess Popeye is retired from truck driving to 😂🥰”

old guy petting a kitten
Source: TikTok

For more adorable updates on Popeye, Mike, and their furry squad, check out their TikTok profile.

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