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Kitten With A Frown Turns Into The Cutest Cat With A Big Cattitude

Kitten With A Frown Turns Into The Cutest Cat With A Big Cattitude

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Sometimes a frowny face doesn’t necessarily indicate dissatisfaction. On the contrary, this grumpy-looking kitty turned out to be quite sweet and friendly. 

Once a kitten with a frowny face, now a tiny adult cat with a biiig CATtitude. 

This particular kitten was the runt of the litter that was brought into the Carroll County Humane Society in Tennessee, in need of foster care. The kittens were about four or five weeks old then, and this grumpy little fellow was the smallest of them. 

Unlike the others, she was born with dwarfism and remained much smaller. Michelle Roberts, a foster volunteer at the shelter, noticed the obvious difference between her and the rest of the kittens. 

“She was smaller and weighed less than the other cats. She also had that ‘grumpy cat’ face that I have noticed in other dwarf cats.”

Michelle took it upon herself to care for the kittens, naming the smallest one Widget. When they first met, Widget looked up at Michelle with the grumpiest and most “disapproving” expression, but she also craved her attention.

“I instantly fell in love with her before I even met her. Once I saw her in person, I was completely smitten.”

Over the following weeks, Widget’s siblings grew bigger and stronger, while she made slow progress day by day. Her CATtitude started to shine through, with her facial expressions becoming even more noticeable.

Widget loved snuggling up next to her foster mommy, enjoying the pampering care Michelle provided. Despite her grumpy face, Widget’s heart clearly said “yes” to the affection. 

Day by day, Michelle found herself growing more and more attached to the tiny kitty.

Eventually, all the kittens found loving homes, and since Michelle had been Widget’s foster mom, she was given the first opportunity to adopt her.

From the moment Michelle set eyes on Widget, she knew she would love her endlessly.

“I have always said that a cat or a dog actually pick out their human instead of the other way around.”

“The ladies at the Humane Society decided to contact me about Widget because they knew I would love her. They knew I would give her a wonderful home and that they would get constant updates on her.”

Widget is sassy and she brings her CATtitude with her wherever she goes. 

“She will let you know exactly how she feels about everything. It’s crazy how that super frowny face can actually have 50 different emotions in under two minutes.”

Despite her small size, Widget plays, pounces, and lurks around just like any other cat. 

“She loves playing with tissue paper and crinkle balls. She also enjoys picking fights with her siblings (other resident cats).”

“She enjoys a good nap in a sunny spot followed by some stretching, and then more nap time. She has mastered running up and down the steps in my apartment. It’s pretty crazy how loud a dwarf cat can be when going up and down some stairs.”

When she’s on the move, she’s full of energy, but when it’s time to rest, Widget gracefully flops down for a cozy nap in a comfortable spot.

What she may lack in size, Widget more than compensates with her attitude and personality. 

She revels in her spoiled pet cat life, ruling the house as if she were born to do so.

I hope you enjoyed Widget’s story. It’s always inspiring to read about cases like hers, where people don’t give up on a seemingly challenging cat. Michelle is truly an exceptional person for her dedication and care. 

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