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The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of This Orange Cat Trying To Use A Treadmill

The Internet Can’t Get Enough Of This Orange Cat Trying To Use A Treadmill

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Ever seen a cat trying to crack the code of a treadmill? Well, meet Bryan, the star of a viral video that’s been lighting up social media. What’s his mission? Simple: he’s on a quest to conquer this tricky machinery!

Treadmills can be tough, especially for a cute little furball like Bryan. But he’s determined, at least until he decides it’s time for a break. Hey, there’s always tomorrow, right? 

Check out his hilarious attempt for yourself:

@nicolalifts enjoy 58 seconds of Bryan trying to learn how to walk on the treadmill 🐈 #cat #orangecat ♬ original sound – Nicola | cats & weightlifting

He tried his best! And hey, he’s got some skills walking backward, which is pretty cool. Let’s call it an “A for effort” for Bryan, but I’d also give him a 10 for cuteness!

cat getting on the treadmill
Credit: TikTok

What cracks me up even more is Bryan’s obsession with chasing that logo. It’s like he’s hypnotized by it, completely ignoring any progress he’s making. It’s a cycle of chase, almost there, and oops, there it goes again! As one user commented:

“I love how he keeps being distracted by the logo going past 😂”

Everyone found Bryan’s attempt hilarious, one user pointed out his skills:

“The very fact his first idea was to try it backwards is peak Orange cat energy.”

Hahaha, couldn’t agree more. Orange cats are something else! 

“His back legs didn’t understand the assignment 😂❤️”

cat holding paws on treadmill
Credit: TikTok

What Are The Benefits Of Walking For Cats

Ever seen someone out for a stroll with what appears to be a miniature dog, only to realize it’s actually a cat? 

Yep, believe it or not, people walk their cats! I know it’s not as common as taking a dog for a walk, but if you’re game, your cat might just enjoy a leisurely stroll on a leash too. 

If you decide to give it a go, check out escape-proof harnesses for cats, for 100% safety.

cat standing on a treadmill
Credit: TikTok

Now, how on earth do you train a cat for that? Well, it’s doable, but not every cat is on board. Some just aren’t into the idea, and trying to force them would likely end in chaos.

If your cat’s always scheming to slip out the door or shows a keen interest in the great outdoors, they might be prime candidates for a stroll. Plus, it’s a stellar way to get them moving!

Taking your cat for a walk is like a full-body workout that engages their muscles, bones, and minds in ways indoor play just can’t match. It’s a sensory overload for them and a real adventure for cats who might feel cooped up indoors.

photo of cat getting on a treadmill
Credit: TikTok

With your cat on a leash, you won’t need to stress about them wandering off. Plus, it’s a great bonding opportunity. Some cats may be “too cool” for cuddles, so this “just the two of us” time can be really special.

Sure, not every cat will jump at the chance for a walk, but hey, it’s worth a shot! And if walking isn’t their jam, maybe give the treadmill a whirl. Just brace yourself for some trial and error – and a whole lot of patience, and maybe a bit of laughter too.

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