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Overweight Senior Cat Takes Daily Walks To Reach Her Step Goals And Shed A Couple Of Pounds

Overweight Senior Cat Takes Daily Walks To Reach Her Step Goals And Shed A Couple Of Pounds

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Regular exercise is crucial for everyone, including our feline friends. We don’t want our beloved cats to be overweight, as that can affect their lives, leading to different health issues.

However, this 18-year-old chonky cat named Smudge didn’t have that kind of attention. Fortunately, everything started changing for the better once Kaia and Matt decided to adopt her. 

Her new parents shared her inspiring story. Kaia said:

“When we first got her, I think she was about 23 pounds. We got her when she was 15.”

Recognizing that Smudge needed special attention and a fitness regimen to improve her health, her new parents embarked on a journey to help her shed those extra pounds.

The first step was a trip to the vet, who recommended gradually introducing exercise into her daily life. 

A Furry Field Of Dreams

overweight cat walking
Credit: YouTube

Fortunately, this family had plenty of space to keep Smudge active. Kaia said:

“We live in a big field, and we decided to start getting Smudge physical exercise. So, we took her outside.”

But, as with any new exercise program, there were some initial hiccups. Smudge wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about her outdoor adventures. 

Every time they would put her outside the front door, she would just turn around and go back in the house. Clearly, they needed to come up with a different strategy to encourage their feline friend.

A Kitty On The Move

overweight cat sitting
Credit: YouTube

So, what did they do? They decided to carry her a bit further from the house, providing her with a little extra encouragement. And lo and behold, Smudge was finally on the move!

With her parents paying special attention to her diet and weight, Smudge began to see some positive changes. Kaia said:

“At her last vet check-in, she was 18.6 pounds.”

Initially, Smudge wasn’t exactly thrilled about her daily walks. Whether it was because she wasn’t used to it or because it was a bit painful for her to move, it’s hard to say. 

photo of overweight senior cat walking
Credit: YouTube

But each passing day brought more interest in her walks, especially when the whole family joined her. When she got tired, Smudge would take a short break and then quickly get back on track. 

Her parents were determined to keep Smudge exercising and didn’t let anything get in their way; they would always find creative solutions. Kaia recalled:

“We had a really big heatwave, and we knew that it would just be too much for her. So, we’d start taking her on night walks instead. And she loved it.”

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Smudge developed such a passion for her daily walks that she would express her disappointment in case of rain. 

“It was pouring with rain, and she was asking to go out. So, we opened the door and showed her the rain. It was like she was angry at the rain.”

To keep the motivation alive, her dedicated parents even came up with a clever solution for rainy days. Matt would take an umbrella, and the two of them would venture out together.

A Special Bond

man holding a cat
Credit: YouTube

While Smudge is undoubtedly attached to both her human parents, there’s something truly special about her connection with her human dad, Matt. Kaia revealed

“He also has arthritis, so he needs to keep his joints moving. We all get those days when we don’t want to do anything. Smudge is his motivation.”

They inspire each other to stay active for their well-being, and their bond is a heartwarming testament to the power of love and dedication. Kaia added:

“They do have a really sweet bond because Matt was the one to go and get her and rescue her.”

man holding cat in his arms
Credit: YouTube

Being a senior cat dealing with obesity is not easy, but Smudge is a true fighter who continues to impress everyone with her incredible progress. 

Yet, beyond her exercise routine and daily walks, Smudge is just like any other senior feline. She relishes spending time outside, savoring the beauty of nature.

senior overweight cat
Credit: YouTube

Smudge’s journey is a testament to what love, care, and determination can achieve. Each day, she grows happier and healthier, bringing immense joy to her devoted parents. 

Her story serves as a reminder that it’s never too late to embark on a path to better health and happiness.

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