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You Absolutely Can’t Miss This Video Of Two Adorable Kittens Playing With A Bottle

You Absolutely Can’t Miss This Video Of Two Adorable Kittens Playing With A Bottle

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I think we can all agree that the kitten stage is undeniably the best phase in the lives of our beloved feline friends. 

It’s the time when they’re bursting with energy, playfulness, curiosity, and pure excitement. They’re constantly running all around, trying to explore the home they live in and get to the bottom of its every nook and cranny.

From engaging in epic play fights with their fellow peers to the fascination with the most random objects – our little furry pals are up for adventure!

cat watching kitten in a bottle
Credit: Facebook

One such random object is a huge plastic bottle that caught the attention of two adorable kittens – the stars of today’s video. 

I guess we can call this an Impawssible bottle! 

In the video, we can see an older kitty with a slightly puzzled or maybe even concerned expression. While the two kittens are having the time of their lives with the bottle, she seems to be contemplating what’s happening.

Perhaps she’s reminiscing about her younger days when she, too, could fit into a bottle like that! 

kittens playing with bottle
Credit: Facebook

The playful spirit of these kittens brought smiles to the faces of many people in the comment section. 

Many couldn’t resist commenting on how cute these little felines actually were, and some even tagged their friends to brighten up their tedious day at work.

kitty playing with bottle while other watching
Credit: Facebook

I hope this video brought a smile to your face as well! If it did, please share your thoughts in the comments below.

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