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All This Poor Kitty Wanted Was To Cuddle, But Her Owners Had Other Plans, Giving Her Up Instead

All This Poor Kitty Wanted Was To Cuddle, But Her Owners Had Other Plans, Giving Her Up Instead

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Not long ago, a woman named Julia Wood was at the adoption event in Fork Union, Virginia when she noticed an adorable black and white kitty, that seemed to be yearning for attention.

Driven by curiosity, she decided to approach her kennel and take a closer look. 

Nothing could have prepared her for what she found. The note detailing the cat’s past and the reason she was returned to the shelter broke Julia’s heart. 

Compelled by the story, she decided to share the unfortunate cat’s plight on her social media account.

Given Up For A Ridiculous Reason

Julia learned from the note that the cat’s name was Ellie and that she was about 4 years old. However, below her general information, Julia discovered the heartbreaking reason why Ellie was returned to the shelter. 

Believe it or not, her previous owners had given her up because she was too affectionate. As if being too loving could ever be a problem for any cat parent, right?

The note, written from Ellie’s point of view, said:

“I was returned to the shelter because I wanted to sleep with my human at night and I wasn’t allowed to so I would cry outside the bedroom door.”

Julia couldn’t believe how could anyone ever give up such a friendly and affectionate feline. Even through the kennel glass, she could tell that Ellie was a sweet girl who just wanted to give and receive love.

Disturbed by what she read, Julia decided to take Ellie’s story to her X account and share it with the world. 

She took a photo of Ellie in her kennel and of the note, then posted it online, not knowing that this would soon change Ellie’s fate forever.

As you might have guessed, Ellie’s story took the Internet by storm, capturing the hearts of thousands of people around the world. One of them was a woman named Sammi Schouler, Ellie’s soon-to-be new mom.

In a conversation with The Dodo, Sammi recounted how she stumbled upon Ellie’s story online and immediately knew she had to adopt her. She said:

“I was heartbroken when I learned that Ellie was returned for wanting too many snuggles. I just knew she would fit well here, and that I could give her the love and attention she wants and deserves.”

For Sammi, the decision to adopt poor Ellie wasn’t just a fleeting moment of feeling sorry for a cat she saw online; this noble woman actually went through with her plan. 

She contacted the shelter, arranged the adoption, and went on a trip to bring her new feline companion home.

Happy Ending For A Kitty Who Deserves It

And just like that, Ellie finally found her forever home and someone with whom she could actually cuddle! 

No more waiting in front of closed doors, no more crying for affection, no more raised voices or annoyed humans. Just a friendly and loving environment for a kitty who truly deserved it!

Today, Ellie has full permission from her owner, Sammi, to snuggle with her in bed as much as she wants. And as you might guess – she LOVES it! As her mom says:

“She enjoys sleeping on the bed with me at night next to my head.”

Sammi also has another cat, a chonky black and white tuxedo boy named Bubby. 

Although initially a bit cautious, Ellie didn’t take long to fully embrace her big brother. She adores him and his laid-back nature, while he loves her quirky and playful personality. 

They’re a true pair, a match made in heaven if you will!

But above all, Ellie loves her human, Sammi. She never misses a chance to show her appreciation for being adopted, expressing her gratitude with snuggles and headbutts galore.

I’m glad Ellie got the happy ending she very much deserved. If you want to see more of this gorgeous feline, make sure to follow her on Instagram

Also, feel free to let me know if you enjoyed this story. You know I love reading your comments.

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