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Paralyzed Cat Defies Euthanasia And Travels A Thousand Miles To Meet Her New Parents

Paralyzed Cat Defies Euthanasia And Travels A Thousand Miles To Meet Her New Parents

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It’s a sad reality that many stray cats go through severe abuse before they can no longer fend for themselves. A kitty named Faith was one of them.

Thankfully, there are huge-hearted people who refuse to ignore their suffering, and Alex and Amber of Saaving Lives are among them.

One day, Alex spotted a stray kitty unable to move. As she came near, she realized this poor thing was paralyzed from her legs down, and could only move her head. As she watched this helpless cat, Alex’s heart became heavy with sadness.

She knew she needed to do her best to save the poor cat from further suffering. Along with her fellow rescuer Amber, she scooped her up and rushed to the vet, hoping for the best.

paralyzed cat
Credit: YouTube

However, the vet staff had some devastating news, and thinking there was no way to help, they suggested putting her to sleep.

Yet, Alex couldn’t ignore the resilience she saw in the cat’s eyes. She knew this kitty was ready to fight. So she sought a second opinion and additional tests, but the cat’s condition remained a mystery.

Despite this heartbreaking prognosis, Alex couldn’t bear to give up on this cutie and decided to give her a chance to fight. She named her Faith, reflecting her hope and belief in her furry friend’s recovery.

cat lying in a kennel
Credit: YouTube

She brought her home and gave her all the love and care she needed. However, during the first few days, Faith could barely lift her head.

As Alex explained in a YouTube video:

“The first few days, she could lift her head a little bit to, like, try and get in the food bowl that we were placing.”

cat eating from a can
Credit: YouTube

Yet, although she was limited to moving only her head, Faith sure knew how to show her gratitude with adorable head rubs.

Ten days later, an incredible thing happened! She started to show signs of improvement with her front legs.

Those were just tiny biscuits with her paws, but to Alex and Amber, this was huge. They now realized she had a chance to recover, and this brought tears of joy to their eyes. With each passing day, Faith was regaining her strength more and more.

cat sitting
Credit: YouTube

Her loving rescuers’ hands guided her every step until she could finally stand on her front legs. Alex shared:

“We were trying to do so much physiotherapy to build up the strength and the muscles so she could support herself in the end.”

Throughout the whole journey, Faith’s determination never dampened. It was as though she found renowned strength in her misfortune.

Before long, Faith was making her first steps, and Alex and Amber were so happy!

cat looking to the side
Credit: YouTube

When they realized Faith was ready for a forever home, they shared her story online. And then boom! Over five hundred applications poured in!

So many people fell in love with Faith, but only one lucky family got a chance to adopt her. It was a wonderful family, and even the distance couldn’t stop Amber and Alex from flying Faith over a thousand miles to them.

When they saw Faith’s new owners at the airport holding a sign with her name, they knew this was a match made in heaven.

couple holdin a sign saying faith
Credit: YouTube

As if that wasn’t enough, there was more good news to come. Once Faith entered her new forever home, a new furry friend greeted her.

I wonder what new adventures lay ahead of these two!

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