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Rescued Kitten With Paralyzed Legs Finds Solace In The Embrace Of A Loving Husky

Rescued Kitten With Paralyzed Legs Finds Solace In The Embrace Of A Loving Husky

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Love and support can be found in most unusual places. Sometimes, they’re hidden in a conversation on a bus with a complete stranger, and other times in the embrace of someone you’ve never considered your friend.

For Bridger McPurr, a feline hero of today’s story, those virtues were bound to a rather interesting friendship – the one with a 15-year-old Husky.

He was found outside a Fred Meyer Store in Anchorage, Alaska. Cold and unable to move his hind legs, he was brought to  Anchorage Animal Care and Control and immediately taken to the pet ER.

After his first treatment, Bridger quickly charmed the staff and showed his feisty spirit. However, since his hind legs were still paralyzed, he was taken by Mojo’s Hope, a rescue group for animals with special needs.

Good people at Mojo’s Hope acted promptly and took Bridger straight to VCA Alaska Pet Care Animal Hospital. There he had X-rays, which fortunately revealed no spine damage. 

At the hospital, Bridger also tested negative for FeLV/FIV, was dewormed, and had a first session of special laser treatment.

His vet concluded that Bridger’s hind paralysis could be a result of nutritional deficiency, because of which he had no control over his bladder and bowel movements and required regular expression and stimulation.

Luckily for him, people at Mojo’s Hope had more than enough experience in caring for special needs pets. So it was safe to say that Bridger was in good hands! 

Within days, Bridger showed significant improvement. He responded well to his therapies and showed strong determination to move, even if that meant scooting around

On their Instagram page, the people behind Mojo’s Hope wrote: 

“Little Bridger McPurr is getting so much stronger! He isn’t showing much purrogress with wanting to stand, but he is moving his legs! We will continue to help build his strength and help work his leg muscles as he continues to grow.”

In his special foster home, Bridger met a lot of friends, most of whom faced similar struggles. 

However, his favorite new friend was by far a 15-year-old Husky named Cinder.

Cinder came to Mojo’s Hope in 2015. She had always been very gentle and patient with all foster kittens, as though she understood their struggles and wanted to provide them with the motherly love they lacked.

Her unyielding support and love for Bridger had tremendously helped him get better and stronger. If it weren’t for her, he probably wouldn’t make such amazing progress. 

Just look at them snuggling next to each other. So adorable! 

Unfortunately, a few months ago, due to old age and a harsh battle with intestinal lymphoma and mammary cancer, Cinder passed away. 

Her departure affected everyone at Mojo’s Hope. They wrote:

“Her passage over the Rainbow Bridge was one filled with tremendous love, peace, hamburgers galore, and she was welcomed by the infinite angels with their open paws of love. Cinder, it has been a humbling honor to be your loving caregiver and my heart is fuller knowing you are in there pawever.”

Bridger and the other kitties were fortunate to have had Cinder by their side to guide them and help them win their small everyday battles. 

This story is a testament to the incredible capacity of love our beloved pets can have for anyone in their vicinity. We can all learn so much from them.

If you wish to see more pictures or videos of Bridger and Cinder, feel free to explore Mojo’s Hope Instagram page. Who knows, maybe you’ll stumble upon a kitty you’ll want to adopt for yourself. 

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