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A Rescue Kitten Trying To Nurse From A Male Dog

A Rescue Kitten Trying To Nurse From A Male Dog

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This is one of the most amazing stories I’ve heard, so I decided to share it with all of you. You have probably seen many cats and dogs getting along very well, but have you ever seen a kitten trying to nurse a male dog? Well, that’s something new to me.

My friend Lana and her husband Robert are great animal lovers. They have a big farm full of different animals and they enjoy their life. I always say it’s a good thing they found each other. But every few days, they would find an abandoned cat, or even worse, a kitten.

It turns out that many people leave animals like puppies or kittens near their farm, thinking they’ll adopt every one of them as they love them. And that’s not far from the truth. 

However, they cannot keep all of these animals as there are too many of them, so what they do is rescue them and then look for forever homes for them.

“One day, I was playing with my Croatian Sheepdog, Nero, when I heard squeaky meows somewhere in the bush next to my gate. Nero is a very friendly dog so we decided to see what was hiding in the bush, and then we saw the cutest little affectionate ginger boy meowing for help,” says Lana.

cute ginger cat in human hand

She assumed that someone had abandoned some kittens again and that this ginger one found his way to her farm looking for help.

“Lana called me, and when I came and saw her look, I knew that we need to keep him, after all, Lana is the boss,” Robert continued, giggling. 

Everything was alright, they took him to the vet, fed him, and found him a place to stay until they could find him a loving family. 

Lana said that she had never seen such a young and affectionate kitten. He adored snuggling in everyone’s lap and being the center of attention, but most of all, he adored snuggling next to Nero, and Nero accepted that.

“One day we were drinking coffee on the terrace while Nero and Ginger were playing on the grass. All of a sudden I noticed the strangest thing ever. Ginger was searching for something on Nero’s body. When he found his nipple, he grabbed it and started kneading on Nero trying to nurse,” Lana says.

She even added that she was very confused and so was Nero.

cat checking black dog on the floor

“At first, Nero was shocked and didn’t know what to do so he would get up, trying to get away from the kitten, but Ginger was constantly following him. After a few rounds, Nero gave up and the kitten continued “nursing”, I just couldn’t believe it with my own eyes,” Robert said.

They immediately concluded that Ginger was still nursing when he was left near their farm and that he was just looking for some milk that he needed to develop better. But, what was so good about Nero’s nipple, no one will ever know.

kitty playing with black dog

Luckily for Ginger, with his affectionate and charming personality, he found his way to a forever home, as Lana and Robert couldn’t keep him forever. 

One day, a family of four visited the ranch and saw Ginger. The kids immediately fell in love with him. When Lana and Robert told them this funny story, they couldn’t believe it. They didn’t want to leave the ranch without Ginger. 

“We are happy that we rescued Ginger and even happier that we found him a forever home because we believe that his new family will take good care of him. We miss him because he was the sweetest kitten,” said Lana and Robert. 

“But, I don’t think that Nero misses him at all, haha!” Robert added.

This is one of my favorite stories I’ve ever heard! Have you ever heard anything similar? 

Whether the answer is yes or no, I just want to add that I’m happy that there are still good people like Lana and Robert and their lovely family, who take care of abandoned animals and make sure they have the life they deserve.

kitty trying to get some milk from dog

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