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Thanks To His Custom-Made Wheelchair, This Paralyzed Kitty From Detroit Is Unstoppable

Thanks To His Custom-Made Wheelchair, This Paralyzed Kitty From Detroit Is Unstoppable

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The kitty whose story I’m bringing you today moves so quickly around his home that you’d hardly notice his back legs are paralyzed. This incredible black-and-white cat has embraced his disability and doesn’t let it stop him from living his best feline life.

However, the day Earl got his custom 3D-printed wheelchair – he became literally unstoppable! Here’s his story!

How Did Earl Get Paralyzed?

kitten with cute shirt
Source: Earl

At just 5 weeks old, Earl was in a serious car accident that paralyzed his hind legs. He was following his mom and littermates across the street when a speeding car ran over his legs. 

His family moved on, leaving poor Earl behind.

A kind person heard his heartbreaking cries for help and found him lying helplessly by the side of the road. They took him to The Last Resort Rescue where Earl was taken extra good care of.

cute kitten laying on a rug
Source: Earl

After the vet diagnosed Earl with a spinal cord injury, leaving him to crawl for the rest of his life, a kind foster mom named Keina Romanelli took him in and eventually adopted him for good.

Earl thrived in his new home. He had everything he could ever wish for – tasty food, cozy beds, furry friends, plenty of toys, and most importantly, a loving family. 

He grew up in a nurturing environment, overcoming obstacles and crawling into the hearts of everyone he met.

From his kittenhood, he established himself as the fastest crawling paralyzed kitten. Who knew his great talent came with a great cost…

What Prompted His Family To Consider Wheelchair?

cute cat sunbathing
Source: Earl

We’ve already established that Earl was a pro at crawling. I seriously doubt there was ever a paralyzed kitty as fast as our dear Earl.

There’s nothing this kitty couldn’t do – he even loved to play fetch with his family! Just look at him! Aren’t his moves adorable?

But constant crawling took a toll on his health, eventually causing a lump to form on his back. 

Concerned, Keina took him to the vet, who warned that the lump would keep growing if he continued dragging his body around. Wanting to help their beloved feline, Earl’s family searched for a solution to prevent the lump from worsening.

kitten on a wheels
Source: Earl

After a thorough search, they stumbled upon Cierra Haley, an intern at a company C3 Ventures whose specialty was 3D print design. 

It took Cierra about 3 months to design Earl’s custom wheelchair which was supposed to make it easier for him to move around.

In an interview with WXYZ-TV Detroit, Cierra expressed how amazing and inspiring it was to combine her love for animals with her passion for engineering and 3D printing. 

I can only imagine how proud she felt when she found a solution for such a spirited kitty!

Earl – An Inspiration To Us All

paralyzed kitten
Source: Earl

Earl eventually grew out of his wheelchairhe ran into a wall one day, fell, and refused to use it again. But his family was still happy he had the chance to experience what it was like to “walk on four legs.”

In a conversation with WXYZ-TV Detroit, his mom Keina described Earl as proof that determination and persistence are the keys to success. With a little bit of effort and energy – we can achieve anything.

“By getting these wheels he’s showing everyone that nothing can stop him.”

black paralyzed cat
Source: Earl

Earl now has a Facebook profile, inspiring fans worldwide to overcome their obstacles. I suggest following him, as he’s truly one of a kind.

If you liked Earl’s story, make sure to let me know in the comments below. Also, if you’re interested in more wheelchair-related stories, check out this one about a kitty named Harpurr.

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