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This Cat’s Unusual Appearance Is Definitely Not Something You See Every Day

This Cat’s Unusual Appearance Is Definitely Not Something You See Every Day

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If this weird-looking cat doesn’t make your day, I don’t know what will. Keep reading to find out how Wilfred Warrior won the Internet’s heart.

Wilfred Warrior is a Chinchilla Persian cat that’s, at the same time, the sweetest creature.

As it’s written in the profile description, his pedigree name is Fearless Warrior, but his mum Jenna calls him Wilfred.

It all started when Jenna created an Instagram account for Wilfred and started sharing his pictures and daily activities. 

People are amazed by his unusual appearance, as it’s not something you see every day.

However, the moment when he became an Instagram-famous kitty was when a comedian Michael Rapaport posted a dubbed version of the original video of the cat on Instagram.

The video turns out to be hilarious as he yells to his mother to warn her that there’s a “weird stray cat outside” threatening Lucy, the family cat.

“It looks like Grandma!”

The video went viral, thanks to Michael and his panicked yelling. However, the original video is quite the opposite, with Wilfred quietly watching his owners in the backyard.

According to Jenna, Wilfred is a lovely kitty despite his unusual appearance. He adores the outdoors and venturing to the “bottom of the garden,” even though he’s not allowed to go there. On the other hand, climbing trees isn’t really his thing. 

This kitty with a flat face, adorable underbite, and wide-set eyes became an Instagram celebrity whom we all adore.

If you want to keep up with Wilfred’s daily activities and see this adorably weird face every day, make sure you follow him on Instagram.

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