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This Is Pugsley, A Lovely Cat With An Unusual Appearance

This Is Pugsley, A Lovely Cat With An Unusual Appearance

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A lot of people don’t know what animal this is. At first glance, no one believes that this is a real cat, but once you get to know him, you realize that he’s more than just a typical feline.

Meet Pugsley and his owner, Tonka from Denver, Colorado, who shared his remarkable story!

The main reason why people can’t believe Pugsley is a real cat is due to his unusual appearance, which is a result of enduring a harsh life until a rescue team saved him. 

Pugsley’s rescue came just in the nick of time when the team found him in a dog hoarding situation. He was the only cat there. Tonka said:

“He was covered in scars and had a ton of infections at the time.”

Tonka is a cat photographer, and she works with shelters a lot. She usually photographs cats who have been at the shelter for too long or those who are said to have bad pictures of themselves.

pugsley the cat
Source: @purfectpose

When she came across Pugsley, she saw his description that he was never going to photograph well, as the rescue team struggled to photograph him for his profile.

Tonka took that as a challenge and tried to take awesome pictures of Pugsley. But, when she met him, the most unexpected thing happened – she instantly fell in love with him. She said:

“I was surprised how big he was. This lady was carrying him, he covered her entire arms.”

Instead of just photographing him, Tonka decided to foster Pugsley. As soon as she took him in, he showed to be a cuddly and affectionate feline. Tonka said:

“He came up to us, and just immediately wanted all of the love and attention and affection that we could possibly give him.”

Tonka had zero regrets about fostering Pugsley. She added:

“Rescue cats just look at you a certain way. They’re so grateful, and that’s what you could see in his eyes.”

As time passed by, Pugsley and Tonka just kept bonding, so she decided to adopt him.  

People often ask her if Pugsley is a real cat. Tonka said:

“He was an orange cat when I got him, and then he turned black. He loves people. When we’re on walks, he will rub up against people.”

Pugsley is just a sweet, friendly cat. Tonka has other cats and dogs too, and Pugsley really loves to play with them. 

What’s even more surprising is that Tonka comes from a family that hated cats, and believed in all the stereotypes of cats. But, when she met her first cat, she realized that all those stereotypes about cats weren’t true. 

Pugsley proved to be a real fighter; he had three surgeries in four months, and now he’s finally doing well in his lovely home. Tonka helped him and got the best of him. She said:

“The shelter said, he’s not the most photogenic, but I think he’s the most beautiful cat ever.”

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