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10 Most Gorgeous Cat Breeds That Will Leave You Speechless

10 Most Gorgeous Cat Breeds That Will Leave You Speechless

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Every cat owner feels like their cat is the most beautiful, the most gorgeous, or the cutest cat ever. However, some purebred cats will naturally have everyone thinking about how gorgeous they look.

It’s true that beauty is in the eye of the beholder. For me, there is beauty in all cats. Let’s review the top 10 cat breeds that are praised for their appearance by many people. 

No. 1 Bombay Cat

Photo of Lilith, the bombay cat
Photo from: @kasia.maricar

These cats always have solid black coats, and to the untrained eye, they might seem just like any other black cat. That is until you see a Bombay cat next to a black cat

Bombays tend to look like cute little black panthers, which is why many cat enthusiasts prefer them as pets. Who wouldn’t want a harmless little version of a panther wandering around their house? 

No. 2 Birman Cat

Photo of a gorgeous cat breed of birman cat
Photo from: @princepatapouf

These cute, fluffy cats will leave everyone in awe. They look very much like the Siamese cat breed, but with long fur. Birman cats tend to have white “mittens”, and they’re mostly born white. 

While they grow up, they get color-point shades in their fur. They’re usually lilac, seal, chocolate, or blue. 

No. 3 Turkish Angora

photo of a gorgeous turkish angora cat
Photo from: @akkedi_angora

These cats are best known for their neck ruff, ear tufts, and fluffy but silky coat. Their long fur is simply majestic and gorgeous in appearance. 

Other than their fur, the tail of a Turkish Angora is super fluffy. They are usually recognized by their fluffiness and their extremely bushy tail

No. 4 Persian Cat

photo of a gorgeous white persian cat
Photo from: @yoshiko_12_18

Persian cats have always been considered beautiful, majestic, stunning, gorgeous, etc. They just look like the “upper class” of cats when you see them. 

Other than being known for their unique majestic appearance, Persians are very popular for their laid-back personality. They’re sweet and calm, just as you’d expect from a “distinguished” cat like this. 

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No. 5 Maine Coon

photo of a maine coon cat, one of the most gorgeous cat breeds
Photo from: @lana_and_kai

Of course, the Maine Coon is on this list as well. These big, fluffy cats have been mentioned next to the word “gorgeous” for as long as I can remember. They can be a wide range of colors and patterns. 

They can be blue, orange,(solid) black, smoke, tuxedo, and so on. Each more beautiful than the next. 

No. 6 Russian Blue

Clear green eyes and soft blue fur are the distinguishing features of Russian Blue cats. What’s interesting about these felines is that they have blue eyes (like all cats) when they’re born.

However, their eyes turn yellow as they grow up, and then when they’re all grown up their eyes become green. 

Their coats are always a shade of blue/gray and – combined with their beautiful green eyes – it is inevitable that this cat breed will have everyone saying “what a gorgeous cat!”

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No. 7 Siamese Cat

gorgeous purebred siamese cat portrait
Photo from: @berry__1015

A Siamese cat is one of the few cat breeds that almost every human being can recognize anywhere. Even if a person doesn’t like cats, they will most likely be able to tell hey, that’s a Siamese cat.

Recognized widely for their cream fur color and dark-brown markings on their face, ears, paws, and tails, these cats are truly unique. 

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No. 8 Abyssinian 

This cat breed is widely favored among cat lovers as it has a unique appearance. They are orange, but not tabby or long-haired, like most other orange cat breeds. Abyssinians have agouti hairs throughout their fur. 

This means the hairs have banded pigmentation; light at the base and darker toward the tip. Each hair is like this, which is what makes their coat look so unique. 

No. 9 British Shorthair

portrait of a gorgeous grey british shorthair cat
Photo from: @kuesten_cats

These cute, fluffy cats are known for their blue coats, but they can also be chocolate, black, white, red, lilac, and cream. 

Just by looking at them, you have to think how gorgeous they are, right? To me, these cats have always looked a little laid-back, which is exactly how they are. 

No. 10 Exotic Shorthair

photo of a gorgeous cat breed of exotic shorthair
Photo from: @pocke.213

These cute cats resemble stuffed toys and are quite similar to Persian cats when it comes to their appearance and size. However, they’re slightly more energetic than Persians. 

Other than being super cute, these cats make great cuddle buddies and lap cats, and to me, that’s a cat that knows how to use its beauty. Its face is simply cuddly, so why not cuddle them for most of the day?

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