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Police Department Lets People Pay Parking Tickets By Donating Cat Food

Police Department Lets People Pay Parking Tickets By Donating Cat Food

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Cats aren’t often related to the police, but when they are, it’s amazing. Keep reading to find out what this police department did for abandoned and helpless cats and kittens.

Every year, there are more and more abandoned cats, and shelters try to rescue and help each one of them, but sometimes, that’s impossible.

One of such shelters is Muncie Animal Care & Services in Indiana. However, with an influx of abandoned animals, another problem appeared because more animals means more food, right?

However, thanks to the Muncie Police Department, everything turned out to be better than expected.

The Indiana police department started allowing people to pay their parking tickets by donating cat food for the shelter instead of paying the fine with money.

Besides cat food, people with unpaid tickets could also donate other necessities such as cat litter, beds, blankets, and similar items as long as the donation is in the amount of the unpaid ticket fee.

Muncie Police Department shared:

“Pay your parking tickets in cat food! Until Friday the 19th at 4 PM we are allowing folks to pay their parking tickets in cat food, kitten food, or kitty litter! Bring a donation in the amount of your ticket. The Muncie ACS is overrun with cats and kittens. We want to help!”

This was a very nice initiative and fortunately, all parties involved were happy to support it. The cat donation campaign lasted only a few days, but they managed to collect enough food and other supplies for the helpless kitties.

What also restored everyone’s faith in humanity is that many people made donations, even those who didn’t have parking tickets.

After this initiative, people started praising both the police and the shelter for their partnership and help, suggesting that other police departments should do the same thing.

In the end, Muncie Animal Care & Service expressed their gratitude towards the Muncie Police Department and everyone who supported their case. 

They also invited others to continue making donations and help the kitties find their forever homes, just as they deserve.

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