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Cat Meets Baby For The First Time And Her Reaction Is Adorable

Cat Meets Baby For The First Time And Her Reaction Is Adorable

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Cats are incredibly curious creatures and there is plenty of proof of that. One of them is this sweet little kitty called Minnie

Minnie became an internet sensation after a video of her meeting the baby for the first time, because of how curious – but also careful – she is.

Minnie’s curiosity was woken up when her owner got pregnant, but do you know why? It’s because cats have remarkable senses. They’re able to recognize certain changes in your body, or sense the smells that your body produces but which you can’t sense.

So, cats cannot really tell you’re pregnant. However, they can sense certain changes in your body, which might be the cause of their weird behavior.

In this video, we can see Minnie, how careful and curious she is, dying to find out what that thing in the basket is!

How Minnie Met The Baby?

cat on pregnant woman belly

At the beginning of the video, Minnie is lying on her owner’s pregnant belly and just chilling. She would often purr, giving the future mama a real massage. 

Many cats, after sensing certain changes in your body, will start being more affectionate towards you. It’s sweet that Minnie is one of these cats.

What confused Minnie the most was the moment when her owners, the new parents, came home with a new family member. 

They knew they had to introduce the cat to the baby sooner or later, but they also needed to be very careful, so that the cat wouldn’t injure the young baby out of jealousy or similar.

cat with woman

Luckily, the first encounter turned out great. You can tell from the video that Minnie was actually amazing. She was so concentrated on the baby, and was carefully approaching it and sniffing it constantly. She was very confused at first but later she relaxed a little bit. 

The sweetest moment ever was when Minnie’s owner was holding the baby, and Minnie came to him. First, she started sniffing the baby, making sure that it wasn’t a threat. After a few minutes, she snuggled up in her dad’s lap next to the baby. 

My heart melted when I saw that! By doing that, Minnie realized that the baby wasn’t a threat and she accepted it as a new family member. So, the good news was that Minnie meeting the baby for the first time went better than expected.

cat getting cuddle

That wasn’t the only time Minnie lay down next to the baby. She continued doing so for a longer period of time. In the video, you can see this dad holding his two babies; one fur baby and one human baby. 

Another thing that amazed me was the parents’ reaction when the baby grew bigger. Whenever the baby would try to pet the cat, the parents would warn him to be gentle. 

Looks like these parents are teaching their child how to properly behave towards their cats and animals in general, and I think that’s amazing!

man holding cat and baby in arms

Now, when we go back to the video, it seems to me that Minnie was worried that all the attention would go to the baby now, which was why she started snuggling wherever the baby was. 

Another possible explanation was that Minnie accepted the baby as a family member and a friend. Cats do have an emotional side too, therefore, it’s possible that she was protecting and taking care of the baby as well. 

Whatever the truth is, I’m just happy that this introduction went alright, and I’m sure that Minnie the cat and the baby from the video will be best friends fur-ever!

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