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18 Photos Of Thanksgiving Cats That Will Surely Get You Into The Holiday Spirit

18 Photos Of Thanksgiving Cats That Will Surely Get You Into The Holiday Spirit

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Can you believe how time flies?! Just yesterday I was enjoying the hot July sun, and these days I’m looking for the best turkey to buy or the newest mashed potato recipe to surprise everyone at the table.

Yup, Thanksgiving is right around the corner! If you’re like me, and you need something to get you into the holiday spirit, here are 18 adorable photos of Thanksgiving felines you definitely don’t want to miss.

But before we hop on the picture train, let’s first express our gratitude for our beloved pets, who make our lives significantly better each day. Without them, our days would be dull, and our hearts empty.

Now, brace yourself for some Thanksgiving kitties!

1. “Welcome, dear guests, to my humble abode!”

If you invite me to your home for Thanksgiving and this is how you welcome me – be sure I’ll be back next year!

2. “Everybody knows who’s the hunter in this family. Gotta bring some food to the table.”

the cat is sitting by the window
Source: Reddit

I just know this kitty will make an excellent choice. 

3. “Hello, sugar! Do you know you have the (tur)key of my heart?”

the cat is sitting next to the balcony door and watching the cat
Source: Reddit

Okay, okay, they’re probably not flirting. But this feline is definitely trying to get on this turkey’s good side. 

4. “I’m helping my mum with Thanksgiving decorations because she obviously doesn’t know what she’s doing.”

the cat sniffs the table
Source: @nadiaromanov

And you’re doing an ameowzing job, sweetie!

5. “No one can deny – I’m the purrtiest decoration on the table!”

the cat is posing next to the flowers
Source: Reddit

Kitty speaking FACTS!

6. “Sometimes I let my mum dress me up. Mostly because I feel sorry for her.”

a cat with a colorful cap poses next to a stuffed pumpkin
Source: Reddit

Hang in there, little pumpkin! You got this!

7. “Listen, I’ll put up with anything if it means I’ll get an extra slice of ham later…”

the cat with the horned cap
Source: @cja150

The things we do for lo… I mean food. 

8. “Is there something on my head? Because I feel like there’s something on my head…”

white cat with a knitted cap
Source: @moyerles

I simply have to get these adorable hats for my fluffs.

9. “Mom thinks she’s sooo funny, and she’s sooo not.”

One thing is certain: This is one exceptional Butterball! 

10. “I’m ready for my Thanksgiving meal!”

That bandana is purrfect for you, kitty!

11. “Does my family have the best centerpiece? I think so!”

the cat is lying on the table where the food is served
Source: Reddit

How could anyone concentrate on the food when such a beautiful feline is right there on the table?

12. “Before we dig in, let us say a little purrayer.”

the cat is sitting at the table
Source: @catwheezie

Well, I would definitely hold hands, I mean paws with this cutie.

13. “Listen, I’m thankful for my mom and everything she does for me, but I gotta say: She’s not the best cook, man.”

the cat is sitting on the bed next to a plate of hot dogs
Source: @sarahlou319

Here’s the plan: sneak behind your mom’s back. Steal her phone. Order some delivery. And just meow meow your way out of that situation… 

14. “Am I grateful? Well, I’m definitely great and full, if that’s what you’re asking.”

a cat sits on a chair with its head up
Source: Reddit

And I’m grateful for seeing this adorable picture!

15. “I think I have gone overboard with roasted sweet pawtatoes…”

a gray-white cat is sitting on a leather chair
Source: Reddit

Don’t worry, kitty! There’s always a tomorrow for diets and fitness goals.

16. “There’s nothing like a good talk with my pops after a delicious Thanksgiving dinner.”

the cat is sitting at the table with its owner
Source: @jill_ian

They’re probably discussing politics or how nobody respects elders these days…

17. “Does anybody want some pie?”

portrait of a cat with beautiful big eyes
Source: @woocatlouie

Well, I’m always up for a pie – especially a cutie pie like you are!

18. “Yes, I’m eating leftovers! Everybody knows calories don’t count on Thanksgiving.”

Preach it, kitty! This is my motto from now on!

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