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Sweet And Innocent Calico Kitten Transforms Into The Hangriest Beast The Second She Sees Food

Sweet And Innocent Calico Kitten Transforms Into The Hangriest Beast The Second She Sees Food

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It’s perfectly normal for people to get a bit irritated when they haven’t eaten in a while. However, did you know that humans aren’t the only ones who exhibit this type of behavior?

Nope! Our feline friends can get hangry too!

The star of today’s story, a kitten named Lila, is a purrfect example of that! In the video you’re about to see, she appears to be all sweet and innocent, but her true colors come out once she spots her bottle!

calico kitten
Credit: psycohousecat

As a cat parent, you’ve probably witnessed your furballs turning into wild animals the moment their meal is slightly delayed. 

I know I have. Dinner in my home absolutely has to be served on time, and this calico fluff would definitely agree with that rule!

Fortunately for her, she knows how to sweet-talk her human into feeding her. 

With a high-pitched meow and an adorable face, Lila persuades her owner to hand over the bottle she so desperately craves. And once she gets her little paws on it – she immediately transforms into a ravenous beast! 

hungry kitten
Credit: psycohousecat

In the video, Lila’s owner urges her to be gentle, which suggests that this is not the first time Lila has unleashed her wild side during mealtime. However, she doesn’t seem to pay much heed.

In fact, the more she sucks on her bottle, the more aggressive she becomes! Her poor owner ends up chasing her around his home, trying to ensure that she – or the bottle – is okay. 

hungry calico kitten
Credit: psycohousecat

Luckily for all of us, Lila’s owner has documented all of this on his phone and posted it on his Threads. Trust me, you absolutely shouldn’t miss his video!

If you found little Lila equally adorable and intimidating, just like I did, feel free to share your thoughts in the comments below. 

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