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South Carolina Police Officer Rescues An Unexpected Passenger Stuck In A Jeep Engine

South Carolina Police Officer Rescues An Unexpected Passenger Stuck In A Jeep Engine

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The secret duty of any police officer around the world is to serve and protect the life of the innocent, no matter the race, gender, or ethnicity. 

In many cases, they apply these principles to animals, too! And this brave police officer from Charleston, South Carolina is here today to testify to that.

One sunny day, Officer Batiz was on duty when he was paged about a poor kitten that had been stuck in a Jeep engine. He wasted no time and went straight to her rescue. 

When he arrived, he contacted one of his colleagues to help him get the kitty safely out of the engine. With the two of them working together, the tiny black fluff was soon freed.

Officer Batiz then searched that particular Charleston neighborhood for the kitty’s owner, but no one seemed to know to whom she belonged. 

Since it was getting dark and his shift was about to end, he decided to take her home for the night and planned to send her to the shelter first thing in the morning. 

The next day, one of his colleagues, Officer Crosby picked up the kitten from Batiz’s house and took her to the nearest animal shelter to have her checked for a microchip. 

It turned out that she didn’t have a microchip, which meant that she was probably born on the street. 

After she was thoroughly examined and got all of her necessary shots, the next step was for her to be put up for adoption. 

However, just as she had sneaked into the car engine the day before, she also managed to find a way to stealthily nestle in Officer Crosby’s heart

He decided to adopt her and name her Clover – probably because he knew she’d bring him luck.

Charleston Police Department shared a couple of photos of Officer Batiz and Clover on their Facebook page and wrote the following: 

“Officer Batiz made a new friend! Last week, the team 2 Officer responded to a call about a kitten inside a Jeep engine. After securing the kitten, and not finding an owner, he put her in his police cruiser and offered to take her home for the night. The next day, another team 2 officer, Officer Crosby, took the kitten to the animal shelter, checked for a microchip, got all her shots, and adopted the kitten! He decided to name her Clover. We’re happy she was able to find a good home!”

People in the comment section praised the bravery and benevolence of both officers. One person wrote:

“Thank you officers for saving this beautiful baby and giving her a home.”

And another one said:

“Great job! These are the type of stories I’d like to see every day.”

And I couldn’t agree more! 

I hope you enjoyed this heartwarming story. Please, let this be a reminder to always check your engine before you start your car as our feline friends love to seek shelter in there. 

Make sure you also check your tires as they tend to curl up on top of them to keep themselves dry and out of danger. 

And if you ever stumble upon a feline in distress, and you’re not able to help her – give a call to our police officers because they will always gladly come to the rescue!

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